Facebook For BlackBerry v2.0: A Glance Of What’s Ahead

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I know with every Facebook update I see comments about when will Facebook include Facebook Chat with the app. With some exciting screenshots and some features listed thanks to N4BB, we can see it’s coming. I use Trillian for now because I can combine my Google Talk, Yahoo, and Facebook Chat all in one. But for those who want the Facebook app with Chat, keep your chin up.

Here’s a list of the features N4BB found about the new Facebook :

  • Facebook Chat
  • UI Refresh
  • View friends’ profile info, pages and friends lists
  • Improved core app integration

Are you excited? According to the news, the target release date is May 2011, and a Beta release rumored to be in March. From the pics, it looks really good.

And for those of our readers who can’t wait, there’s Trillian. Trillian is available for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store and includes the following features:

* Astra, MSN®, Facebook Chat, Yahoo®.
* AIM/ICQ®, Google , MySpaceIM, Jabber.
* Clean BlackBerry design with black and white themes.
* Multiple account support and login screen.
* Email push notifications.
* All password transmissions encrypted.
* Reliable under low-bandwidth conditions.
* Strong emphasis on stability and bug fixes.
* Basic group management.
* Edit contact display names.
* Optional display of contact avatars.
* View contact information (e.g. AIM profiles).
* View, group, or hide offline contacts.
* Sort contacts by status or name.
* Privacy options – block, invisible, etc.
* Send pictures, buzzes, and URLs.
* Typing notifications.
* Copy/paste support.
* Emoticons.

Trillian is a great app, combining all your IM clients together so that you can keep in touch with everyone. I really like the way it works and allows you to do what you want in it. Why wait when you can chat now?

You can grab a copy of Trillian for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

[via: N4BB]

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