BlackBerry Offers Limited Time Trade Up Offer For BlackBerry Devices In US

February 6, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Some carriers offer trade up programs for your previously used devices. Now BlackBerry has posted their’s but as a limited time offer so hurry. You can receive up to $120 back for your device. First you purchase your new device, then go online and list your BlackBerry devices to trade in. I say devices because you can trade in more than one. Check it out…

Thirteen new devices are there to list your new device from, and for the old model: the carrier; make (BlackBerry of course), and model. There are three questions: Is the phone working? Is it damaged? Does it have liquid damage or corrosion. There’s the value of your previously owned device and a promotional credit. Then purchase your new BlackBerry model or if you ┬áhave already you enter your esn. It’s that easy!

It’s nice to see RIM offering incentives to upgrade. Carrier’s have had their programs for trade in’s as well, including Verizon but it’s nice to see manufacturers doing it as well and offering promotional credit.

Purchase your new BlackBerry and hurry for your BlackBerry reward for your older model here

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