Back To Basics With OS 6: Changing Profiles, Sounds, And Alerts

February 7, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

Many of us have just updated to the new OS 6, and some of us are lost and relearning a new OS on the BlackBerry. We introduced you to the homescreen so tonight I’m going to show you how to change sounds and personalize your phone with OS 6. Check it out…

The profile icon hasn’t changed at all. It’s still the horn and when you highlight and click on it, you bring up the Select a Profile which has the following choices: All Alerts Off; Normal; Loud; Medium; Silent; Vibrate only, and Phone Calls Only. Below that is the button Change Sounds And Alerts. Clicking on that brings up the following menu:

This is where you change the sounds and profiles for your BlackBerry. I love that you can use MP3s, wav files, etc. Use your own or the ones that come preinstalled on the BlackBerry. The first option is the Phone Ring Tone in which you set the Ring Tone for the chosen profile. If you click on the sound it will bring up all your ringtones you have, and if it’s not there scroll to the bottom and choose from All Music, All Voice Notes, and All Alerts. You pick the Ring Tone, The Volume, Play Sound. For visual alerts you choose LED and for tactile alerts you choose to have the vibration on or off. ¬†For battery saving tips, I prefer to keep the vibration off and the sound to around 8 or below. Vibrate and loud will decrease battery life. You can also try it and see what you think.

Next is Sounds for Selected Profile. In this you can set any alert in chosen profile. Phone, Messages (Emails, PINS, Text Messages, Level 1), Instant Messenger Alerts for BBM and other Messengers, Events like Calendar; Follow Up Flags; and Tasks. Also, other Application Notifiers for other apps like BerryWeather, Facebook, Google Voice, News Feeds, Skype, Social Feeds, SocialScope, Trillian, Twitter, and even UberTwitter. You choose what and how you choose. The same way you set your phone ringtone, you will do each of the others. You can set it so that you can know who or what is trying to reach you.

Next is Sounds for Contacts. Personalize the ringtones or alerts that will play when certain contacts try and reach you.

The last is Profile Management which allows you to Add, edit, or delete a sound profile.

You’re also able to change the ringtones for certain contacts through the Contacts. Edit the one you want to add a ringtone or alert for by phone call or text and save. Go to the contact you want to add a ringtone for calls and messages and click edit. Scroll down to where it says Phone and Messages, right below the PIN. Click on Phone and it will bring up the sounds menu for you to change the ringtone and the volume, etc. Same thing with Messages.

Finding your options are a little different, but I actually love the way OS 6 works. Let me know what you think and we’ll have our next intro to OS 6 soon.

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