Welcome To BlackBerry OS 6, Getting To Know Your BlackBerry Again

January 27, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

With the new update available to some devices, I’m sure there’s several of us updating. And if we did, saw that our BlackBerry booted up quickly, the video played to introduce you, and then a new look. A little confused? We’ll be posting different features of the new OS, the new look, and comparing it to OS 5 to help you feel more comfortable. Our first is the homescreen.

The first time I installed OS 6, I was a little surprised and confused. Things were a little different, navigating it is just a tad different, but I really have come to love it so much more. It’s more responsive, intuitive, and much more easier to keep you organized. Some things are moved around, so it takes a while to get used to. Let’s take a look.

At first the screen looks somewhat similar, except there’s two extra bars and there’s a few new icons on the front. Before if you highlighted the top, the only icon you highlighted was the sound. On the bottom you highlighted your row of icons. Now there’s OS 6. If you click on the top, your Manage Connections menu comes down. Nice, quick, easily accessible. Especially if you need to turn off the connections or bluetooth quickly.

Next is the Profiles icon, the middle bar if you click on it brings up your today menu of calendar and phone calls. Great for knowing at a glance what’s ahead. If you click on the looking glass to the right, it gives you the search bar. Again, fast and easy.

Now to the icons. You see all, and some words to the side. They go in this order in the tray: All, Favorites, Media, Downloads, and Frequent. This makes it so much easier for you to keep organized. OS 6 actually categorizes all your apps, but leaves Favorites up to you to save your favorite and most wanted apps. Just like before you could hide them, now you can add them to Favorites the same way. You can open the tray one of two ways. Clicking the ribbon that says All, or clicking your Menu button, scroll down and choose Open Tray.

Here’s another difference. Before with OS 5, you could click the beginning letter of the person you want to call and you could call them from that short cut. The call options would come right up. Now if you do that, the search options begin. If you want to call, you can still shortcut, but what you do is click the call button first and then you’re able to call as you used to before.

The search options for me are so incredibly nice. So if I click the first letters, all the results populate. contacts first, emails, texts, browser, calendar, pictures, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s extremely convenient so you can search not only for a person, but perhaps an email or text, or something you were looking up. It gives particular truth now to don’t sweat the small stuff.

What have you found that you love so far about OS 6? What do you miss about OS 5? We’ll be looking at different features, comparing them, and guiding you through the OS on your device. If there’s something in particular you’d like to know more about with the OS, please let us know.

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