Updating Your OS: OTA VS Online

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You know you have an update for your OS. How should you update? Which way is best? While personal preference will play the most part, I’m going to go a few of the advantages and disadvantages you have before you. Besides the obvious, there’s some things to consider. I personally choose to upgrade via the App Loader. Check it out…

Prior to downloading I recommend being sure to have your activation codes and emails you’ve used for paid apps ready, or any you have won. You won’t have to worry about your emails, those really won’t be started anew. Make sure your battery is at least 3/4 charged. Next step is waiting for you.

The OTA upgrade installs the updates to the operating system and can take up to two hours. I usually recommend starting it, having a cup of coffee and getting some sleep or watch a movie while it’s going. The advantages of doing it this way are : if you don’t have access to a pc, it’s an easy no worry process as you can have it as it comes in, and you can spend some free time BlackBerry-free. You do have an option to install and not install certain features if you choose to, or you can just install the whole thing. You do need to make sure it’s at least 3/4 of a battery charged, or plugged in too.

Upgrading via the PC. There’s two different ways to do this. Straight online from BlackBerry over the web, or by downloading and installing the update from BlackBerry or your vendor and using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or the App Loader to install. Downloading straight from the site can be tricky. I remember once it didn’t give me the option to save my information and it gave a fresh install. Most of the time it will give you the option to save. The advantage: in most cases you will have an update in 30 minutes.

Downloading the update, installing and then updating using the BDM or the App Loader has more benefits that work for me. Advantages: you can tweak the files to open the vendor themes in the OS (with OS 6 at this time, the only themes that work are for the Torch, so any themes other than one are nice). You can also use something like shrink-OS to take out what you don’t need, or remove the .alx and .cod files if you know what you are looking for. I take the things out that I personally don’t use. This again is a matter of preference but also is dependent upon you knowing what you are removing. Just like playing with your computer’s registry, you have to know what you’re doing. You can also brick your BlackBerry as well, so be careful. The update using this technique can take up to 30 minutes, but you keep all your data.

And as always with a new update, be ready to sign into your free apps, have the activation codes and email ready for other apps, and this to me takes more time than updating the OS on my BlackBerry.

After updating I usually recommend the following: check your options to be sure your options are there. Sign in and reactivate your apps. Go to your Email Set Up, click on it, make sure you’re signed in, and click the Options button and highlight and click on Service Books, and choose Send Service Books. To be perfectly honest though, I’m not sure that the email set up is necessary. If you have gmail and have it enabled to sync your contacts, the phone will automatically intertwine everything. OS 6 is extremely intuitive. The only reason I still do the Service Book step is because I do things out of habit. This will assure all your service books are sent. Sign into your BlackBerry Messenger and make sure that it was linked to an email.

Now that you’ve had a little idea of your options, you can choose the one that best suits you.

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