Update: Fixmo Tools v2.0, The Ultimate Utility For Your BlackBerry With 17 Apps

January 28, 2011 | By | 4 Comments

I’ve been a big fan of Fixmo Tools for quite some time now. And we have posted previous versions of Fixmo Tools, but now there’s even more with v2.0 and it’s available in t he BlackBerry Sync Store. Check out the latest with Fixmo Tools.

Fixmo Tools had the following:

* Undelete is your phone’s “recycling bin.” You can retrieve deleted email, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos
* Mail Compliance Manager (Previously named Flame Retardant) helps you save face. It warns if you’re about to reply all to a message on which you were BCC’d, use potentially inappropriate language/punctuation/capitalization and add unintended recipients
* Forward/Reply with Edit lets you edit the original message when you reply or forward it and is integrated seamlessly into the existing email menu
* MeetMe enables you to easily arrange a meeting by automatically selecting available times on your calendar and inserting them into an email
* Battery Watch monitors power usage and warns you when your battery reaches low levels
* Silencer watches your calendar and completely silences during scheduled events
* Memory Monitor tracks detailed memory stats and gives you an insight into your phone’s performance across both RAM and Device Memory
* Multi Clipboard allows for the ability to store and retrieve multiple items in the clipboard
* SMS Recovery helps you recover your SMS messages by keeping a backup copy of all SMS messages sent or received
* Call Indicator allows you to set a different LED color for calls so you can differentiate them from other messages. Handy for when your profile is set to silent mode
* Speedtest measures the download and upload speeds of your 3G, EDGE and WiFi networks

What’s new?

* Wifi File Transfer – Transfer files to and from a PC or Mac directly to your BlackBerry using only Wifi and your computer’s browser
* Wifi Media Backup – Seamlessly back-up the photos, videos and voice-notes on your Blackberry to your Windows-based PC
* Remote Print – Print emails, photos, contacts, memos, office documents and more directly from your BlackBerry to your printer over WiFi (Windows PC Required)
* Remind Me Later – Schedule a reminder in your calendar for a meeting, email, SMS and more
* Screenshot – Capture a simple screenshot from any application from within the application menu. The captured screenshot is stored within the device’s pictures folder
* Memo – Create a list to-do items that are posted directly on top of the background of your BlackBerry display
* UI improvements across all applications

I’ve used several of the apps from Fixmo Tools and found them to be extremely useful. This is definitely the essential toolkit for your BlackBerry. The ones I’ve used most are Undelete, Battery Watch, Memory Monitor, Mail Compliance Manager (when it was the Flame Retardant), and Forward Reply with Edit. I’ll be checking out the newer apps and posting a more updated review on the Fixmo Tools.

Normally Fixmo Tools is $14.99 but for a limited time you can download it from the BlackBerry Sync Store for only $9.99!

You can read more details about the apps included in Fixmo Tools here

Grab your copy of Fixmo Tools for $9.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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