Update: BlackBerry App World v2.1 Beta Available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone

January 9, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

I apologize for being tardy with this one. BlackBerry App World Beta is available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for those in North America and the U.K. There are many great reasons to join the BlackBerry Beta Zone, let’s see what’s new and why the Zone.

Benefits of the BlackBerry App World v2.1:

In-App Payments that will allow you to purchase additional levels through the App  World.

Filtered Feature Items that are now more relevant to you. They are now filtered by carrier, country, device, and the OS.

Extended BlackBerry ID Login Session. The session is now extended to 20 minutes. It’s very important to keep in mind that since it won’t ask you for your password for 20 minutes, and you might want to be careful and know that if you allow anyone access to your BlackBerry, they would be able to download through App World with your device.

There are many reasons to join the BlackBerry Beta Zone. For those of us who love new apps, testing and exchanging opinions, then you should sign up and check out what comes your way to see before it’s out in the open. Check out new updates and new apps, and be part of the testing community.

You can sign up at the BlackBerry Beta Zone and see if BlackBerry App World v2.1 is available to you here

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