BlackBerry PlayBook (and QNX powered smartphones) to run Android Apps?

January 27, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

This is one of the best and most hopeful rumors of 2011 yet. BGR is reporting that RIM is working on different ways to bring Android apps to the QNX powered tablet OS found on the PlayBook, plus any future QNX powered BlackBerry smartphones. This could be absolutely huge for RIM if they could even bring support for the apps to the BlackBerry table. Thanks to BGR who posted an exclusive about the Dalvik virtual machine. Keep reading…

This is exciting. We all have read the news about RIM looking into other options, and they have stated the fact they are considering different alternatives. With the latest acquisitions they have done, including the QNX OS, the news that BGR pointed out was that the Dalvik VM is one of the VM’s that RIM is looking into and that it’s the very same one that the Android OS uses. Perhaps they’re not looking into developing Android apps for the PlayBook, but perhaps allowing the user to run their apps as legacy support. This is huge news for those who keep wanting to have their Angry Birds and play it too! Keep your fingers crossed and lets see what RIM has in store.

And for the record, there’s not a version of Angry Birds for the BlackBerry…yet.

[via: BGR]

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