BlackBerry: Data Efficient With DataSmart™ Technology

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In light of tiered plans, some carriers who don’t offer unlimited data or you’d rather use the lower data plan, there is another reason to love your BlackBerry even more: The DataSmart™ technology. What does that mean? Let’s take a look…

I’ve known for a long time about the data compression the BlackBerry uses, but in the Inside BlackBerry, the Official BlackBerry Blog, there is an article which highlights the Rysavy Research Smarphone Efficiency Report and what it means to the consumer. It’s quite impressive when the three OS tested were BlackBerry OS 6, iPhone iOS3, and Android OS 2.1. They tested emails, browsing, and social networking on them.

Some of the benefits of compressed data are the better battery life, faster application operation, and lower monthly service plans.  I know I love having the longer battery use. It’s hard to leave the BlackBerry when you are used to the better battery life, but also the prompt email service.

The email testing involved different sizes of email and using a BIS Gmail account on all three devices. For web browsing, they used the following websites: Amazon, Bing, CNN, craigslist,ESPN, Facebook, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. For Instant Messaging, they used the Google Talk client. For Social Networking they used Facebook.

For email you get four times more email on a BlackBerry. To be more precise it was 4.5 x over the Android and 11.4 x efficiency over the iPhone. Web Browsing was 2.1. x efficiency over both the Android and the iPhone. For Instant Messaging it was 5.9 x over the iPhone and .4 x over the Android. Social Networking the BlackBerry had 2.2 x over the iPhone and 2.6 x over the Android.

Not bad at all for knowing that you can get more with less. In the BlackBerry Data page there is an app you download to measure your data, call, and text usage that’s available through the BlackBerry App World. Some carriers also provide their own for download free of charge to use and monitor your own usage, such as Verizon with the MyVerizon application.

You can read the article on Inside BlackBerry here

Check out the BlackBerry DataSmart page here

Read the Rysavy Research – Smartphone Research Report here for more precise details

What do you think? Does the compressed data appeal to you?

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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