Announcing Rebtel For BlackBerry, Now Available In BlackBerry App World

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Rebtel, the number two mobile VoIP behind Skype, has announced they now have the application for BlackBerry. It has been available for Android Devices. Rebtel allows free International calls between 50 countries, and affordable calls outside those 50. It’s the simple solution for making free or affordable international calls. Check it out…

In the Spring, Rebtel will be extended to the Apple iOS.

What are the features:

  • Free international calls: Calls from Rebtel users to BlackBerry or Android devices with the application enabled from any phone are completely free of international charges.
  • Seamless background integration: When the user dials an international number, or selects an address book contact with an international number, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of their carrier.
  • No Wi-Fi needed: Similar to Rebtel’s Android app, Rebtel for BlackBerry works on the standard cellular network using local phone numbers and users’ monthly local minutes instead of requiring an active Wi-Fi connection to connect calls. The Rebtel app works anytime, anywhere and works with the standard operator, dialer and address book.

Rebtel works with any phone, no matter if it’s a landline, feature phone, or Smartphone. All you pay for is the low cost of the call, no hidden fees, no monthly or connection fees, just the call itself. No calling cards, none of that. The way it works is the app runs in the background. When you call, it intercepts and converts your number to a cheap local number.

Benefits to the user:

  • Free online account
  • No subscription fee
  • No connection fee
  • One minute rounding
  • Rates charged in USD GBP and EUR, with VAT added for EU citizens

Features listed in App World

  • Call for free without WiFi to Rebtel friends
  • Call using your local minutes from your operator
  • Save up to 65% on your international SMS rate
  • Unlike Truphone, Fring, Skype – No WiFi needed
No contact list – Call from your address book or dialer

Call for free without WiFi to Rebtel friendsCall using your local minutes from your operatorSave up to 65% on your international SMS rateUnlike Truphone, Fring, Skype – No WiFi neededNo contact list – Call from your address book or dialer

If you would like to know which of the countries are within the fifty free countries, click here

For an idea of the cheaper prices for the other countries, and more information on Rebtel, click here

Download Rebtel for Free from BlackBerry App World here

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