Update: UberTwitter’s Metamorphosis Out Of Beta With v1.0

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UberTwitter has finally come out of its beta cocoon with v1.0. They spent 18 months refining it, listening to users, and have released it finally. I’ve checked it out here and there, but it’s very impressive how far it’s come, and if you have UberTwitter, you need to update and check it out. If you haven’t tried it, now’s a great time. What’s new and what is UberTwitter?

The description from BlackBerry App World:

“UberTwitter is a full featured location aware Twitter client which supports all of the features of Twitter as well as advanced capabilities such as: ¬†photo integration, embeded videos in tweets, tweet shrinking, URL shortening, twitter lists, changing your twitter avatar, ¬†saved searches, conversation threads, twitter profile editing, view who is retweeeting you, and a plethora of other features.”

The latest features with 1.0 include:

  • Rich Facebook Posting – Optionally post your tweets directly to Facebook from your device. Pictures and location show up in your stream as rich media previews.
  • Bit.ly Pro – You asked and we delivered, now you can configure your own Bit.ly Pro account and track your own URL shortened links and take advantage of the advanced features that Bit.ly provides including the use of custom shortened URLs of your choosing.
  • Dismissible Ads – For those of you on touch screen devices with the Ad supported version, you can dismiss the ad at the bottom of the screen to give you more screen space.

Some of the features I really like are:

UberChannels, Trending Topics, Everyone Near You, Copy Tweet, Email Tweet, Report Spam, Uber Bar Maintenance, the Hashtag Picker, Friend Picker, Color Themes (Gray, Pink, Nature, Blue, Purple, Classic, Red, and Mindnight), Photo Uploads using Plixi or MyPict.me, bit.ly, longer tweets using TMI.me orTwitLonger.com, and InstaPaper.

UberTwitter comes in two flavors, paid and free.

Grab your free UberTwitter v1.0 from UberTwitter here

Grab your paid copy of UberTwitter for $4.99 from UberTwitter here Ad-free

Check out the FAQs for UberTwitter here

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