Update And New App: FontCollection By Almoko Updates To v1.8

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I have always liked playing with fonts, and always had different virtual stationary on my pc with various fonts and designs. There’s a variety of native fonts with your BlackBerry, but for those of us who are searching for something more, there’s FontCollection. I had to download this app out of the BlackBerry Sync Store so check it out…

FontCollection is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for only $.99. It’s only a mere 37KB. It allows you to customize your BlackBerry with any fonts of your choosing. Currently, only the English fonts are supported. Now the app says it’s not BIS supported and to download using WiFi, but I can tell you from downloading and installing that I have BIS and don’t use the WiFi, and was able to successfully download and install them.

Here’s the information from the BlackBerry Sync Store:

– Access to more than sixty different fonts
– Easy font management
– Small footprint
– Install your own TTF fonts from media card

Important notes:
All fonts in the FontCollection are free for commercial usage.
English fonts only are supported at this moment.
BlackBerry OS 5.0+ supported.
BIS is not supported. Please use Wi-Fi if possible.

To change your current font go “Options” – “Screen/Keyboard”.

Display Dimensions
320×240, 360×400, 360×480, 480×320, 480×360
Operating System
5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen, 6.0 Non-Touch, 6.0 Touch Screen

Here’s what fonts are included:

  • 1942 report
  • Aaargh
  • Airstream
  • Amadeus
  • Angelina
  • Ballpark Weiner
  • Bebas
  • Blackout Midnight
  • BlackJack
  • Brock Script
  • CAC Champagne
  • Carrington
  • Caviar Dreams
  • Chopin Script
  • Daniel
  • Day Poster Black
  • Deftone Stylus
  • Diner
  • Disco
  • East Market
  • England Hand
  • Flux Architect
  • Folks
  • Fontleroy Brown
  • Forelle
  • Forque
  • Gabrielle
  • Garton
  • Greyscale Basic
  • Honey Script
  • Juice
  • Junkos Typewriter
  • Kingthings Calligraphics
  • Kingthings Foundation
  • Komika Axis
  • Lane Narrow
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Lilly
  • Marketing Script
  • Molengo
  • Mothproof Script
  • Neo Retro Draw
  • Note This
  • Quigley Wiggly
  • Rabiohead
  • Riesling
  • Salaryma
  • Sansation
  • Sansumi
  • Santana
  • Seaside Resort
  • Sling
  • Snickles
  • Ubuntu Titling
  • Universal fruitcake
  • Upper East Side
  • Windsong

You install the fonts by clicking on it, you can install more than one and they install fast. You also have the option to set it as thesystem font for your BlackBerry. It’s definitely a great app, small app, and gives you more personalization.

Grab your copy of FontCollection from the BlackBerry Sync Store for $.99 here

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