The Spy That Lurks In The BlackBerry App World

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Potential spyware that is. Mayank from Juniper Networks, Smobile Systems previously, let us know about the latest spyware threat that is lurking in the BlackBerry App World. ¬†We use our smartphones every day, but how often do we think about our wireless devices, including the fact they’re a mini pc with voice, holding our information and our location in the palm of our hands? And while Spyware on a BlackBerry is only downloaded by permission, let’s take a closer look at this spy.

There are no viruses that affect a BlackBerry as of yet. But there is malware and spyware out there. The most important thing to note is the following:

1. Be careful what you download and pay attention to the permissions it requests. You can always go into the applications and view and change settings.

2. Never accept or download apps that others send you unless they are trusted friends or people you know.

3. Never leave your phone unattended, and if it’s unattended, be sure and have it password protected. Spyware has to be downloaded to the phone, and many times it’s downloaded by a jealous significant other or would be stalker. Spyware doesn’t just appear on your phone or come in a picture hidden. It has to be downloaded and allowed.

With that being said, let’s move on to the spy lurking in BlackBerry App World. “WhereAreYou GPS Tracking (Personal Edition) by QTLabs. Before I go into more detail, I just want to point out that BlackBerry App World has been known for the criteria apps have to meet to be in the BlackBerry App World, so it’s not a common event for spyware to be in there. And it all depends on how it’s used.

The app is actually a tracking app using GPS location. It could be used as a spyware and it’s explained why. First of all, as I always note: A gun in the holster of a guard is security, but in the hands of a criminal is a dangerous weapon. What gives this app the potential to be used wrongly? It’s the way it works. This is a stealth app. It shows a registration screen after downloading and then goes silent. And it does this in less than 10 seconds even. The app leaves no icon and the phone can then be tracked online using the phone’s GPS.

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest spyware threats in the mobile world, you can find the latest here at the Global Threat Center which is updated with the latest spyware and threats here.

[via: Juniper Networks Global Threat Center]

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