RIM struggles to get BlackBerry PlayBook battery life under control?

December 28, 2010 | By | 4 Comments

New rumors are floating around the internet that RIM might be delaying the early Q1 launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook due to poor battery performance. The rumor comes from Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu, who says RIM may delay the PlayBook due to poor battery life when compared to other tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad. The analyst went on to say that RIM might delay the PlayBook into Q2 2011 to get the issue fixed up, but we certainty hope this isn’t the case.

The PlayBook is currently being powered by a massive 5300mAh battery, which we hoped would give you extended battery life to last at least a full work day. Rumors indict that the battery issues stem from QNX’s operating system being taken outside its natural environment.

We should mention that there has been no official word from RIM on this matter yet. What are your thoughts? Do you want the PlayBook now, or wait for a longer battery life?

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  • Quash

    This is an unsubstantiated rumour. The online speed test between the Playbook and iPad, where Playbook won, was done with only one of the Playbook’s two cores enabled. Two active cores may delay battery life. But, we’ve already seen only one is necessary.

    Before its release, we know the Playbook plays ubiquitous avi files and flash. iPad does not, nor will its successor. Already, this plays to Apple’s weakness of insisting on a self-contained ecosystem, regardless of what its customers want.

    Who is saying the Playbook may be delayed due to battery life? An analyst with a poor track record.

    Rated: Thumbs Down – Unsubstantiated.

  • http://blackberrysync.com Scott

    I completely agree with you… One of the great benefits of BlackBerry smartphones is battery life, when compared to some devices. I really can’t see RIM launching the PlayBook without decent battery life, but it is kind of interesting that you can’t find any information relating to the battery at BlackBerry.com or on the official specs sheet: http://us.blackberry.com/playbook-tablet/BlackBerry_PlayBook_English.pdf

    I guess we will have to wait and see… I just thought it would be something interesting to post up.

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