RIM Kicks Kik Out Of BlackBerry App World And Into A Patent Infringement Lawsuit

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CrackBerry had a great post based on David Lam’s (Canadian Lawyer) Law Blog that reported about the RIM and Kik patent infringement lawsuit. I knew there were quite a few users of the Kik messenger, and when the downloads of Kik had been disabled by BlackBerry App World, Twitter was lit with tweets. The story gets even better.

To be honest, I’ve never used Kik, but I’ve read that it has similarities with the BlackBerry Messenger except it’s a cross-platform messenger, including the indicators for sent, delivered, read, and typing. In a single month, there were 2.5 million users. November 12th, RIM removed Kik for “breaching contractual obligations”. November 30th RIM’s lawyers filed for a patent infringement lawsuit against Kik in Canada. In fact, the official message was as follows:

RIM became aware of a number of issues and customer concerns regarding the Kik app and service. Following discussions with Kik, the app was removed from BlackBerry App World on November 12. Upon further investigation, RIM concluded that Kik had breached contractual obligations. Based on the broad scope and seriousness of the issues and concerns, RIM terminated its agreements with Kik and withdrew RIM’s support for Kik’s service.

Ted Livingston, the CEO of Kik Interactive, once worked for RIM. It gets even better…as part of the BBM group from 2007 to 2008. So the indicators aren’t just deja vu. RIM is alleging that he had access to extensive confidential information he put to use. RIM is also alleging that without user consent, Kik Interactive sent user’s personal information including information from their address books, to their servers to send spam. And you thought Facebook was a security issue.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it’s interesting nonetheless. What are your thoughts? Have you used Kik?

Click here to view the Statement of Claim in PDF form

Read David Lam’s Blog posts on the lawsuit, part one and part two.

[via: David Lam’s Business & Intellectual Property Law Blog and CrackBerry]

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