Proudly Announcing The Winners Of The Keep Me Organized Holiday Contest

December 23, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

Santa isn’t going to be the only one being able to stay organized by keeping his list and checking it twice. We held a Holiday Contest thanks to KartaMobile and the copies of Viira to help others Get Things Done with the Viira GTD app for BlackBerry. It’s a great way to enjoy Christmas and start the New Year. Without any further adieu, here are our winners…

The winners of our Holiday Contest are:

  • Jeff
  • BB Patriot Storm
  • John
  • Gordie

Thanks and congrats to our winners for taking the time to enter and staying in Sync with us. We hope you enjoy your prize and that it helps. And thank you to KartaMobile for making the contest possible.

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  • Gordie

    Thank you!!!!