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December 18, 2010 | By

Viira by Kartamobile has been updated to v2.2. We figured since St. Nick can keep a list and check it twice he probably has the help of the elves. So for those of us who don’t, we have five copies of Viira GTD software to giveaway thanks to Chris and Kartamobile! What are the rules and what is Viira?

The best way to describe it is from the description from the site:

Viira (pronounced Vee-rah) helps you stay on top of your busy schedule by enabling you to leverage the principles of David Allen’s best-selling Getting Things Done® in your day-to-day life.

As the first BlackBerry GTD® application to consolidate emails, appointments and events as well as projects and contexts in one comprehensive and truly mobile organizational system, Viira will take your personal productivity to a whole new level. With features likeNext ActionsDay View, overdue task display and seamless calendar synchronization you won’t look back to the built-in BlackBerry Tasks!

  • Stay on top of your Inbox: Add email to your GTD system. Create tasks based on incoming email messages and classify them right away by project, context or day.
  • ProjectsContexts: Built in support for both projects and contexts.
  • Your Day At a Glance: Assign a day to your tasks and view your complete day’s schedule in Viira’s Day View.
  • Next Actions: Easily assign the next action for each project, context or day.
  • Delegate: Delegate a project or context by email; send it to yourself for printing, review or archiving.
  • Shortcuts: Become a GTD power user! Perform the most frequent actions quickly.
  • SMS Tasks: Add, organize text messages in your BlackBerry GTD system. Never let important information transmitted via SMS slipt through the cracks!
  • Action Links: Embed actionable links in you Viira tasks! Viira automatically detects and highlights phone numbers, email addresses and website links. Call, send an email or view a link by simply clicking on it!
  • Appointments: Add events and appointments to your GTD system.
  • Always There: No active internet connection is required so your GTD habbits don’t need to end with your network coverage.

This system works incredibly great. So here are the rules for the contest. First, you must have a BlackBerry. Two, leave us a comment which feature of Viira you will find the most benefit out of AND what you could use the most help with in organizing your hectic schedule. For instance: “I could use the tasks feature and I could use a clone of me to help get my errands out of the way.” This comment can’t be used again. The software value is $29.99.

For more information on Viira, check it out here:

Viira v2.2 For BlackBerry

Our contest is open until Tuesday evening. Good luck and let’s have fun with this one.

*** We are extending the contest till tonight, Dec 22nd. The winners will be announced this evening and sent their prize.

As of December 22, the contest has officially been closed.

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  • jeff

    I’m first! Can’t believe it.

    Staying on top of my inbox and action links will be most useful for me to get the daily grind accomplished with ease.

  • BBpatriotStorm

    Have not entered a contest in a while, but I have been wanting this app just $30!? With Christmas around the corner!! This would be an excellent present…… me(of course)! Thanks

  • john otsuki

    I desperately need a tool to help manage the 200+ emails I receive per day while away from my desk. Have been looking for the right GTD util for my BB. Hope to get a copy to try.

  • Gordie

    OMG, where has this app been all my life? :)
    I just downloaded the trial version and it is amazing.
    Man, I just assigned a bunch of my emails to Projects I set up and can track my progress.
    Between tasks, emails and texts, I’m all over the place. Virra can put my life back together.
    Definitely the best organization tool I have tried to date!!
    Please, I need this. :D