BlackBerry Desktop Manager, Do You Sync Or Do You Burn?

December 8, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

I hadn’t really thought about the differences in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, only that I kept upgrading to each new version it alerted me about. The latest version of the BlackBerry Messenger is v6.0. But after the other day, I actually found myself downgrading to a previous version. Why? Check it out…

I hadn’t realized how much I really came to use Roxio For BlackBerry until it no longer was included with the future versions of the BlackBerry Desktop Messenger. I was able to burn cd’s to my BlackBerry in one shot. I don’t sync all my music to my BlackBerry from my pc, I like to change up what I have, and I love knowing my favorites are there. Much of the music on my PC isn’t something I listen to often, and syncing my music isn’t something I really care to do. I like being able to edit my pics and move my songs with the use of Roxio.

One good thing to know is that you have the option to download an earlier version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The last one with the use of the Roxio For BlackBerry is BlackBerry Desktop Software v5.0 Service Pack (5.0.1). For those who love the syncing of their music to their phone, upgrading to the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager is in your best interest. The latest version is easier to use when it comes to the applications and viewing them, syncing is quick and moving information from one phone to another.

Find all versions of The BlackBerry Desktop Manager here

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