Announcing The Total Control Cyber Week Sale, Pricing Is Out Of Control!

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Total Control App has an amazing one time cyber week sale on their popular cctv video surveillance software for mobile phones, and when you see the prices, you’ll see what we mean by out of control. Seeing is believing, and contrary to belief, the following prices are not a typo error. Check it out…

What can you do with the software? Here are the features:

  • Enjoy the ability to watch live video right on your mobile device
  • Free demo to try before you buy on website for BlackBerry
  • Support for BlackBerry.
  • Purchase license keys now and use them later, there are no expiration on license keys.

You don’t have a camera? Try the free demo from Total Control App here

Try the Public Cameras here

The Versions/original price/cyber week price:

  1. Singlecam Edition (1 camera) original price $24.99, Sale Price $1 (yes, one dollar only!)
  2. Multicam4 Edition (4 cameras supported)$34.99, Sale Price $2.99!
  3. Multicam8 Edition (up to 8 cameras), $39.99, Sale Price $4.99
  4. Multicam16 Edition (up to 16 cameras supported), $49.99, Sale Price $7.99!
  5. Multicam32 Edition, $54.99, Sale Price $9.99
  6. Multicam64 Edition, $69.99, Sale Price $14.99

Features for the Camera Supported Vidcam Editions:

  • Support for up to 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 dvr channels, ip cameras, and video encoder streams (depending on version)
  • Support for cellular and WiFi (BES option also for BlackBerry)
  • Single & MultiChannel video encoder support (selected models) for analog camera support
  • Support for authentication
  • Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom (on supported models)
  • Use of swipes Pan & Tilt as well as pinches for Zoom
  • Ability to change ip address and port as desired for internal and remote use.
  • Support for over 100 manufacturers and 500+ models
  • Total Control Compatibility List
  • Direct stream connection. No video going through 3rd party servers
  • No monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Function to easily change cameras while viewing. ‘Previous Camera’ and ‘Next Camera’ function in menu while viewing to automatically change camera.
  • Function to automatically rotate through cameras based on time period. For instance, set the application to rotate to the next camera every 30 seconds automatically.
  • JPG snapshot capability(while viewing live stream) to save to your local photo gallery.
  • Support for MJPG and JPG codecs as supported. MJPG is preferred method of video streaming when supported. JPG used for JPG refresh (when MJPG not supported) and snapshots.

I’ve reviewed the Total Control App video surveillance software and it’s very impressive. And at the cyber week price, I’d have to wonder why wait? It’s perfect for parents to watch the babysitter or their children, business owners to keep an eye on their business while they’re out of the office, there are all sorts of ways to use these apps.

To take advantage of these sales prices that are only valid til December 3, click on the following link:

Total Control E-Store BlackBerry Versions

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