RIM Announces Playbook Will Be Priced Less Than Apple’s iPad

November 10, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

Bloomberg has posted some more details from Research In Motion Ltd. about the upcoming Playbook we’re all excited about. First, it will sell in North America in the first quarter, and secondly, it will be sold for less than $500 as it goes to bat against the iPad.

Co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Balsillie has announced in an interview in Seoul that the Playbook will be competitively priced, though he declined to give more details. In the second quarter the Playbook will be sold globally. The iPad’s price begins at $499.

RIM isn’t the only company with devices to fill the void between smartphones and laptops besides Apple, as there are the Hewlett – ¬†Packard Co, Samsung Electronics, and Motorola Inc are as well. In the first 80 days Apple sold 3 million iPads. However, the Playbook has the ability to handle Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash, something the iPad doesn’t. The iPad doesn’t run flash video nor does it run flash animation.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs had made the comment about the smaller pads being “DOA” or “Dead On Arrival” because they are too small to compete with iPad (in his opinion) and alluded to the idea that they wouldn’t be able to ¬†have pricing that would effectively match their size. Balsillie responded that customers are getting tired of Apple’s controlling strategy. I love that there are other manufacturers out there that aren’t so proprietary with the apps or the files.

The Playbook has a 7-inch screen in comparison to the iPad’s 9.7-inch display. While the iPad does have the huge display, but its not the type of device you can slip in your purse and go.

Balsillie also said that RIM may sell the Playbook through Target Corp. And Best Buy in the U.S. As well as through carriers.

You can read the article and more information on Bloomberg here.

I’m looking forward to the Playbook and very curious after seeing the videos on youtube and pictures to see how the Playbook does in comparison. It’s a great size and I’m curious to see just how much it will sell for. Anyone care to take a guess?

[via: Bloomberg]

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  • http://phone-central.com/ StenvenBe

    it’s really best price with dual 1Ghz Processor, Playbook will defeat ipad i believe

  • http://blackberrysync.com Scott

    I’m excited to test one out.. I just hope the QNX OS works well.

  • Susan

    The 1 GHZ Dual-Core processor!

  • Peter

    It’s all going to be about the apps working properly for me … if half don’t work or stop working after an OS update or app upgrade it’s a no go for me .. that is my biggest beef with my blackberry phone, basic apps work great but after that zero comparison to other systems .. inconstancy or unreliable apps .. if that carries over to their pad it will render it useless because it will be all about the apps …

  • Susan

    Check out Mobility Insider’s first impressions. I’ve very impressed. If you’re concerned as to whether or not the apps will work or how the system will hold up, go check out the QNX software reviews. I am really looking forward to what’s in store.