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YouMail is a voicemail application that has several features and allows customization. There’s a few versions, free and paid. It just recently was updated so we’re going to show you the features and the service it brings to you for managing your voicemail. So check out what YouMail has to offer…

I’m going to include the excerpt from the BlackBerry App World.

YouMail unlocks your mobile voicemail:
- Scroll through and play your voice messages in any order.
- Forward them, save them forever, even organize them in folders.
- Force callers to expose their caller id to leave messages.
- Access your voicemail through e-mail or any computer.
When you download YouMail, you also get access to, where you can:
- Set up personal greetings heard only by specific family, friends, or co-workers.
- Play and use prerecorded greetings supplied by other YouMailers.
- Block specific people from leaving voicemail.
- Create your own folders to help you organize your voicemail.
- Connect to facebook, so your friend’s pictures show up when they leave messages.
- Easily post messages to your facebook wall, twitter, or your blog.

I installed YouMail on my BlackBerry Bold 9650. I have used YouMail for quite a while. I love the customization it offers. So I’ll start with the download. You can download YouMail from the BlackBerry App World for free. After installing you will see your inbox by default. If you haven’t had YouMail, you can set it up from the beginning. Permissions of course are set, and you are prompted to call a number that will forward your voicemail to the YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus.  Now the customization can begin.

By default the YouMail has a smart greeting. This can tell who is calling in most cases and greets them by name.  When you receive a  message, you can listen to it or read it (with the transcription plan). You can “copy” which will copy the URL of the message for a txt or email message.  There is “forward” that opens up a new email message with the URL already there. “Reply by SMS”-that lets you TXT back the caller. Fair warning, if the person doesn’t get text, they will not get the message. “Reply by Email”-opens up and email so that you can reply. “Save” will save the message. “Delete” moves the message to the trash folder. “Delete Forever” is permanently gone. “Spam” for filtering out those spam messages such as political calls and telemarketers. “Move to Folder” lets you move the message if you have set up customized folders. “Mark New/Mark Read” so you can remember to open it, or you got the message already. “Flag” is the infamous flag that message option.

The free version is ad-supported. If you want to remove the ads, then you would subscribe to the paid version of YouMail. Now I’ll walk you into Settings. In Settings you have the following:

  • General – customize the keypad layout, Caller Info Lookup, Cursor Positioning, Menu Options, Misc such as the name and Confirmation Popups.
  • Account – Your phone number and pin for your account
  • Alerts – Set up your Alert settings for new voicemail or a missed call by SMS or Email, and how you get alerts and how often to check the server.
  • Audio – Auto Play, Audo Path, Bluetooth Options, and Experimental Options (Delay Player Creation, remember it’s experimental).
  • Connection – for advanced users only.
  • Greetings – This is the cool part. You can select your default greeting, choose the greetings for No Caller ID and Blocked Caller ID. You can go online and log into your YouMail acct, and find other greetings available to use, several of which are free. You can also choose who hears which song or greeting too.
  • Contacts – You have the option to upload your contacts. This is really nice because if you have a picture for them as well, their pic shows up when they call next to the message.
  • Storage – Choose the storage for your YouMail. On the card or on the phone, save your messages easily.
  • Setup – This setting allows you to setup a personal greeting.
  • Activate/Deactivate – Activate sets it up so unanswered calls are forwarded to the YouMail. You can deactivate it as well.

There are several ways to subscribe to the YouMail. Read-It 150 is normally $19.99 a month, but is on sale for $17.99. This will transcribe up to 150 voicemails a month. Read-It Unlimited is $39.99 a month and as it says, transcribed unlimited. YouMail Pro is $1.99 a month and gets rid of the ads. Read-It Classic is normally $8.99 a month, but is on sale for $6.99 a month. It has up to 50 transcriptions a month. YouMail Pro Annual Service is normally $35.00 a year but for now is $19.99 a year. YouMail Read-It 7-Day free trial to try it free.

Pros: The total customization, the easy to use application, being able to go online and add to it. All this I love. And the idea of transcription is nice. Even the NCIS theme is available for your voicemail, PeeWee Herman, you name it. I also prefer the way you can upload your contacts so that you can have the customized feel to it. The transcription service is a plus offered as well. Yes, Google Voice does have free voicemail. But it does have the option of uploading contacts, nor does it have the ability to choose and keep other greetings in the variety that YouMail does.

Cons: The only thing I will say is that while Google Voice (I’m adding this because I know many of our readers are familiar with Google Voice) does transcription and no ads for free it could be a con. That was the only con I could find but still with the pro’s I’ve listed, this is just one tiny con.

All in all, with the latest update to YouMail, I have to say it’s become quite the premium application. Try it for yourself and see what you think.

You can download the free YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus v2.1.0.1 from the BlackBerry App World here

YouMail works with all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2 and up.

[rating: 5/5]

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