Hot: Early Thanksgiving GiveAway With YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus And BlackBerry Sync

November 12, 2010 | By

It’s the season for giving and we have the opportunity to do an early Thanksgiving Giveaway. The prize? How about a free one year basic premium subscription to YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus? What better way to get ready for the busy holiday season and making sure you don’t miss any important call from family and friends. The rules?

I have an undisclosed amount of subscriptions available to our readers, let’s see how many of us are thankful.

The rules are as follows:

Leave us a comment. It must be about why you are thankful this holiday season and for what. It can definitely be BlackBerry related, or even including the BlackBerry, but we want to know how your Thanksgiving is special this year. Include a thank you to YouMail as well for the prizes. Any short comments like just a few words with no relation to the rules of the comment will not be considered a valid entry.

The best stories of thanks will win a copy of YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus premium subscription. Good luck and we’re looking forward to the contest. The contest will run from now till Sunday evening. Winners will be notified with the prize and codes with instructions prior to posting the announcement and sharing the best stories.

***The contest has been closed, thanks to everyone who entered. The winners will be notified and the announcing post of our winners will be posted. ***

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  • John

    As much as I would like to say that I’m thankful for the technological advancements today, I’m a lot more thankful for my family and friends that have been there.

  • Susan

    John, great point. I’m thankful for both. Today’s technology has kept me in touch with family and friends who would love to be here but can’t. Whether it’s facebook, bbm, Skype, the phone itself, it’s been our lifeline. I have family around the globe and across the states, both civilian and military. I’m thankful for all of them and the way we’re able to stay in touch. My opinion doesn’t count since I’m part of the staff, but I’m still sharing.

  • RareBreedLBC

    2010 has shown trials and tribulations! Yet, I am still thankful that I have my health, family and friends! Without which, I would be nothing!! BB brings joy to my days…
    I am ├╝berthankful to be able to throw my comment in for the running!! YouMail ROCKS for giving away free copies…THANK YOU!!

  • Jeremy A

    I am thankful to have the opportunities to live the American Dream.

  • Janell

    My lung cancer is in remission and this Thanksgiving I am thankful to still be feeling well and am full of hope that I will be here for Thanksgiving next year. I also am thankful for my love of all things Blackberry. Have been a long time user and will be for ever more.

  • Josh D

    I am thankful to have another healthy baby boy to spend the holidays with. Masons first holiday season. Yay! I am also thankful for the BlackBerry Sync team for always providing us with great BB news. I am also thankful for Devs like YouMail for providing us with great products.

  • JP

    This isn’t my daughter’s first Thanksgiving. But, considering she was just a few weeks old for it last year, I am Thankful for my daughter and being able to share in the holidays with her. She’s such a joyful little girl that I can’t stop being thankful for her.

  • Anthony R

    I am thankful to earn the best marks in my exams!

  • Michael

    I’m thankful that all our troops overseas can stay in touch with family much easier than ever before, thanks to new technology such as smart phones and Blackberrys.

  • Mo

    I am thankful that my Grandfather is with us another year. Not only that but, he loves my old blackberry phone I gave him. It’s the first storm no less! I didn’t think he would like the touch screen but he likes the big number dials on the phone part. I even taught him how to use BBM! He only really uses the phone & BBM. My grandfather is very ill so anytime I have w/him, whether it’s via BBM, I’m so very grateful!

  • Josh

    I’m thankful for my family, friends, and of course all the cool apps on my Berry! And a special Thank You to the men and women in our military!