First Impressions Of BlackBerry Playbook

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Mobility Insider was able to get their hands on the Playbook and share their first impressions. I get more and more excited as the time draws nearer. We’ll share with you those highlights. The QNX is still in beta, so when the product is finished, polished, and out on the markets I think everyone is going to get blown away. Check it out…

User Interface and Operating System:

The UI is very attractive and fluid, no noticeable delays or hang-ups. The screen moves quickly  and smoothly. Shows quick transition while multi-tasking between apps. 12 were opened and no issues at all. Very easy to use and navigate.

Look & Feel:

Very light at .9 lbs. It feels solid and well built. Typing in horizontal mode is extremely comfortable. It can be tucked away in a purse, coat pocket, fanny pack.


WiFi and tethering capable. Bluetooth pairing though this will require a separate application running on your device and Playbook. You can enable mirroring of what you have on your device (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, , Messenger, etc.) on the Playbook without storing your data on the Playbook. This will use your BlackBerry data options from your provider. If you want to use the WiFi option and aren’t a BlackBerry user, you’ll have to wait until late next year for embedded options or a mobile hotspot device offered by most major wireless carriers.


Front facing camera of 3 MP and back facing camera of 5 MP. Both function and look great. The functionality is similar to OS 6.


“First impressions of the Media Player were awesome; intuitive, fast, responsive and great looking.” They also stated “The seamless integration with iTunes for music (playlists, album art, ect) and easy drag-and-drop of videos make Apple’s proprietary iTunes look like media prison.” That’s the one thing I have to admit that I love about BlackBerry. It’s not proprietary, you aren’t stifled with what choices are available. Most files work.


“The Playbook comes with an impressive battery (5300mAHr). Although the battery is non-removable, it should be plenty of power to get through a full day of using every future this power packed tablet has to offer. We used it very heavily for a full day only starting with slightly over half a charge and it ran the distance.”

And remember, this Playbook is going to be Enterprise-ready.

You can check out Ryder’s great post and read the specs on the Playbook at Mobility Insider here.

[via: Mobility Insider]

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