Elecite’s Hot New Premium BlackBerry Theme: Fuze

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It’s been a while since we showed a premium BlackBerry theme here on BBSync, but this one really stood out at me. Elecite’s new FUZE theme is described as installing a new operating system on your BlackBerry. FUZE features a simple and clean design, with a 6-7 icon dock, and 8-12 locked quick access icons, weather widget, and of course it runs smooth and quick.

Elecite’s premium FUZE theme seems to be available for most devices (except the Pearl family) for $6.99 from Elecite’s website here.

A typical theme merely changes your background, maybe adds new colors and/or reorganizes your icons. FUZE is not typical. Installing FUZE is like installing a new operating system – you will never look at your BlackBerry® the same way again. FUZE is a Plus+ Elecite theme.

FUZE was designed for your productivity, acting as your dashboard so you will have faster access to your most important apps. Have you ever used a theme that just didn’t feel right? Do you still use the default BlackBerry® theme because you cannot find a theme that will adapt to you? If so, get FUZE now.

FUZE takes your current icons and conveniently prioritizes them at in categories at the top with a handful of useful customizable icons at the bottom. A bonus second page is available at the click of a button when you want to go completely clutter free and enjoy your wallpaper.

* BlackBerry® Storm™ users get an additional expanded clock on the second wallpaper friendly page as well as a full today area for Messages and Calendar.

The FUZE theme:

? Practical design
? Clean, simple and professional
? 6-7 customizable icon dock
? 8-12 locked quick access icons
? Weather or Profile slot
? Bright, polished dash board interface
? Fast and snappy

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