BBM Keeps BlackBerry Shining In Latin America

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While studies and sales reflect that the iPhone and the Android devices have passed RIM’s BlackBerry, in other countries it’s another story. With the Playbook and the QNX on the horizon, we’re only seeing the side of the story they want to show you, not the full spectrum. Check it out…

The San Francisco Chronicle posted a great article about the other side of the spectrum. BlackBerry is alive and well in Latin America which also shares the same type of scenario as India and Indonesia. Reason being that many of the population rely on prepaid service as they can’t afford the contract service. iPhones and Android devices are out of their price range, but there’s other reasons as well. One is that the BBM is part of the BlackBerry service and not text messaging. The other reason besides more economically priced devices is BlackBerry’s data compression.

As an example, in Brazil the average monthly income is $900. The Curve presently costs $340 less than the iPhone with a two-year contract! In Mexico though, the cost of the Torch is more than the iPhone. Venezuela loves their BlackBerry and BBM. President Hugo Chavez on National Television has even called his BlackBerry and his Twitter account his secret weapon. The U.S. isn’t the only country to have a President who cherishes his BlackBerry. Although President Obama was adamant in keeping his at any cost even before taking residency in the White House.

Even in Saudi Arabia the BBM is held in high regard. In Saudi the religious police ban unmarried couples from meeting in public. With BBM, the messages can be sent with fast speeds, being sent and delivered in two seconds.

In the Asia-Pacific region (with the exception of Japan and Korea) Nokia fell, RIM’s smart – phone share rose and the iPhone stayed in second place.

The Playbook and the QNX are going to be game-changers, but for now let the studies show what they will. Where voice is decreasing in place of data, and email being just as important, the BBM and the BlackBerry aren’t fading.

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[via: San Francisco Chronicle]

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