Stitch By JSmurf: Free Premium Theme That Says Ohana

October 12, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

JSmurf deserves a shout out and thanks for this theme. Stitch is so cute, he’s one of my Disney faves. I haven’t seen a Stitch theme that captures the mischievous antics of Stitch or his cuteness and sweetness until now. And it’s a free premium theme! I saw this theme last night and had to have it. Still love Stitch? Then check out the theme with me…

You know me. If I find something worth sharing, I’m going to share it with you, and this is one of those little treasures. I know you’ll fall in love with this theme like I did. All it needs are some Stitch tones to boot. The theme has two icons going down (one is a weather slot), and four across. Even the sound profile is Stitch. It has a black background, a striped bottom border, fun icons of your apps all Stitch holding your apps. The alert is the bubble with “new” and it’s easy to find. The menu is a nice periwinkle blue with a gold border and the highlight in dark blue and grey stripe. The cursor is a happy red location pin.

When you open the menu and all the icons appear, it’s all Stitch in his different poses holding your icons. I love the way it just looks like Stitch is having a good time invading your BlackBerry, it’s hard to believe this premium theme is free. If you download it, please leave a comment and some love, and thank JSmurf for this theme that will make you smile.

I also wanted to point out that JSmurf has some exceptional themes and does have others besides Stitch. I just fell for this newest one of his and thought it was a great way to introduce you to his work.

The theme is 480×360 and is compatible with OS 5 and the following devices: 89xx, 96xx, 9650, 97xx and soon for the Storm, 9000, and 85xx.

Grab your 97xx and 9650 Stitch Premium Free Theme OTA here

Bold 9000

BlackBerry 85xx 93xx

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  • kata

    Love it. Thanks much.

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  • stitch20

    hey I can’t download it, please help me, I love it and I want it. thx