Facebook For BlackBerry v1.9.0 Available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone

October 27, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

The latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry is available in the Beta Zone as of yesterday. If you haven’t checked out the Beta Zone, now’s a great time to sign up, and if you have a Beta Zone, head on over to the Beta Zone and download the latest version of Facebook. BlackBerry’s official Blog has a great detailed post of what’s new such as…

1. A dedicated inbox.

2. Facebook search for people and pages.

3. Optimized Friends List, Page List, Updated Navigation Bar.

Not to mention that while this works great on OS 5.0, it’s a perfect integrated app for OS 6.0. If you’re interested, be sure and sign up and check it out. If the Facebook isn’t in there, don’t worry, it will find it’s way to you. Have you tried the new Facebook yet? Just to let you know, there’s no chat included yet. You can always check out Trillian for Facebook chat, it works great. I am extremely fond of the BlackBerry Beta Zone because you never know what little treasures that BlackBerry will have available for you to try, and what apps will update, so for me it’s like a treasure hunt.

For more information about the Facebook for BlackBerry, Check out the Official BlackBerry Blog here.

You can sign in or sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone free here.

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  • malcolm

    Hi Guys great application

    But have noticed two things that perhaps you can take into account in the next update.

    1. Birthdays have something that shows your Friends birthday. for the day.

    2. When you have more that one person who likes your comment you are unable to view what Friends has clicked on like


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