Buzzing The Wire With The Buzz Killers COO Adam Sloan

October 20, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

We had the opportunity to have a phone interview with Adam Sloan, the COO of the Buzz Killers. The Buzz Killers is the card you can use to eliminate the “buzz” you hear on your GSM phones from other electronic devices. We wanted to know more. Check it out…

Here’s the description of the Buzz Killer Card:

The Buzz Killer Card is a new, simple-to-use cell phone accessory with patent-pending alloy technology. Place your phone on the Card and eliminate the buzzing noise your cell phone causes in audio devices such as conference call lines, baby monitors, desktop speakers, land-line handsets and clock radios. Just place your cell phone on the Card when you’re not using it, and eliminate the interference. Think of it as a mouse-pad for your phone!

Adam is very personable and it was nice to be able to speak with him first hand about his product. I asked him about how the idea came about. Of course it started with their GSM phones. He explained how they had come up with the idea, refined it, and had friends and family use and test it for 3 to 4 months.

Polycom is a company that has a phone that eliminates the buzz during conference calls and as you can guess, they’re also priced expensively. The Buzz Killer Card is an inexpensive solution. You can carry it anywhere and it works easily.

I asked Adam how the Buzz happens and how the product works. The buzz is actually caused by your GSM phone. It’s when it’s close to another electronic device, you experience the “buzz”. The card silences the buzz without interference with the reception or the call. It has been known to also assist with the Bluetooth buzz experienced with cdma phones as well. The card is a universal product that works with ALL phones. The card is easy to use and makes life easier. There’s no technical expertise required. It works on the phone as it’s your phone not the other devices.

The Buzz Killers is a consumer products company and they are working on integrating the card in different ways as well.

If you’re interested and experience the “buzz”, you can find The Buzz Killers Card for $7.49. They come in a variety of colors. The cards are also great gifts, as you’re able to place a label on them, a stamp, and send them to whoever you’d like. We’ll be posting a review of the Buzz Killers Card soon. How many of you deal with the “buzz”? Does this “killer” grab your interest? Share your thoughts with us. Thanks to Adam we’ll be able to give you as much insight as you want, so please let us know what questions you have.

Grab your Buzz Killers Card or Cards for $7.49 from Amazon here

Grab your Buzz Killers Card or Cards for $7.49 each from The Buzz Killers Store here

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