Winners Of The Music WithMe Announced!!!

September 11, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

We had a giveaway of Music WithMe and the contest has come to an end. We’ve notified the winners and we’re announcing them publicly with our congratulations. Music WithMe allows you to sync your iTunes with your BlackBerry without having to be wired. A great app for those who want to do everything from their beloved BlackBerry. And the winners are…

We had three outstanding entries for the contest:

  • Jim: Jim uses his music for pick me ups and inspiration, on walks and to relax. I love the alternative rock and top 40 too.
  • Larry: Larry uses his music for relaxing, at work, etc. And he retired his iPod for his Bold and his Bold is his all in one entertainment. Larry, I love my Bold, retired by iPod, and completely agree with you. I’d be lost without my BlackBerry.
  • Gavin: Gavin replaced his iPod as well and listens to music in the car, at the gym, etc. He loves the reggae. I listen to a variety of music, and reggae is included. Especially Shaggy and Sean Paul.

Thanks for your comments and participation. Please let us know what you think of the Music WithMe app, inquiring minds want to know! Enjoy your Music and the app and congrats again!

Don’t worry. If you want a copy, you can head over to BlackBerry App World and grab it for $14.99 here

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