Update: BerryBuzz v3.0.68 And BerryWeather v2.02 by Bellshare Have Been Released

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If you use BerryBuzz or BerryWeather, you can update the apps now. We encourage you to keep your apps updated and take advantage of any fixes and new changes they’ve made. Both BerryBuzz and BerryWeather are my favorite apps for alerts and weather. Keep reading for details…

BerryBuzz v3.0.68 includes the following features:

  • Customizable LED color and individual repeating audible alert for
  1. - E-Mails (individual for each account or one for all)
  2. - PIN Messages
  3. - Level 1 Messages
  4. - BlackBerry Messenger
  5. - GoogleMail App
  6. - ICQ
  7. - AOL Instant Messenger
  8. - Windows Live Messenger
  9. - Google Talk
  10. - Yahoo! Messenger
  11. - Facebook
  12. - SMS/MMS
  13. - Calendar
  14. - Tasks
  15. - Missed phone calls
  16. - BerryWeather, instango, BeejiveIM, IM+, WhatsApp, Skype, MySpace, Twitter (RIM), TweetGenius, UberTwitter, SocialScope, OpenBeak, Viigo, ebay App, MeterBerry
  • Customizable LED color for
  1. - Incoming Call
  2. - Coverage Indicator (When Radio/Data is available or when Radio/Data is not available)
  3. - Charging Indicator
  4. - Indicator when battery fully charged (automatically turns off after customizable interval)
  5. - Battery low indicator with customizable threshold
  • Customizable vibrate for incoming calls and notifications. Vibrates while ringing.
  • Assign LED colors to calls/SMS/e-mails from specific contacts
  • When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
  • In addition to the predefined colors you can create an unlimited number of custom LED colors
  • Stack 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • 12 rapid flashing “disco colors” will draw even more attention to your phone
  • Define a schedule with hours of day and days of week when all LED flashing and reminders will automatically be muted
  • LED flashing speed is fully customizable
  • Optional slow down or stop of LED flashing after specified time to save battery life
  • Vibrate/play sound when a call is connected/disconnected
  • Backup and restore of settings to media card
  • Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage

BerryWeather v2.02 includes the following:

  • Current conditions including “Feels like” temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
  • 7-day forecast with high/low temperature and precipitation probability
  • 24-hour forecast with temperature, precipitation probability, wind and humidity
  • Easily switch between 7 different views (Today, Today with Daily Forecast, Today with Hourly Forecast, Full Daily Forecast, Full Hourly Forecast, Compact Daily Forecast, Compact Hourly Forecast)
  • ANIMATED RADAR MAPS (for US Locations only, add custom radar maps and webcams for any location)
  • Track your location via GPS/CELL TOWER LOCATION so you always know the weather where you are. (Cell location for GSM devices only. GPS does not work for non-Storm devices on Verizon due to carrier restrictions)
  • Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
  • Weather advisory notifications
  • Customizable homescreen icon showing current conditions
  • Customizable homescreen wallpaper showing current conditions (OS 4.7 and higher)
  • Support for different themes (Widgets, Simple and Simple Dark)
  • Customizable background wallpaper
  • Customizable font size
  • Customizable icon size
  • Multiple iconset

You can update your BerryBuzz and BerryWeather straight from the Bellshare website, just make sure to click on the one that is for your BlackBerry OS.

Grab your BerryBuzz v3.0.68 here

Grab your BerryWeather v2.02 here

If you don’t have either one but want to purchase them, we have them in the BlackBerry Sync Store. BerryBuzz is $5.95 and BerryWeather is

Grab your copy of BerryBuzz for $5.95 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

Grab your copy of BerryWeather for $9.95 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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