Saturate Your BlackBerry With The Zuki Immersion Theme By Zuki Software Ltd

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Being a huge fan of blue themes and knowing that Zuki releases extraordinary themes, Zuki Immersion is another prime example of both. The theme was originally created as a business theme, but it’s also professional as well as personal. Zuki Immersion Theme is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $4.99. Check it out..

First of all, the theme is only available for OS 5.0.

Zuki Immersion is only compatible with the following BlackBerry devices: 9700, 8900,9650

This is the description from the Store:

One thing we at Zuki GQ have generally not touched on is business-orientated themes. This is mainly due to them usually looking rather boring. But we recently received a request from a company based in the UK asking us to do a business theme that still looked good

The result is what you see here. It is not strictly a business theme, but if you use your BlackBerry for work, this theme will get you everything you need to plan your day ahead right on your homescreen. And if you don’t use it for that? Well then it’s just a super-slick, super-fast, HD premium theme to brighten up your BlackBerry. We’ve even thrown in the new BlackBerry 6 icons just to heighten the experience.


  • Stunning HD graphics used throughout
  • OS6 Icons
  • Easy to use
  • No lag / Super fast

I installed this theme on my BlackBerry 9650. It installed easily. The battery indicator sits on the top left, the signal indicator on the top right. The time and date sit in the top center. There are five customizable icons and the Calendar which will display all your dates. When you move to the Calendar space the band turns dark. I love the way the blue on the Home screen looks like a blue mist. When moving out of the Calendar area to the icon bar, you can see the bar fade and the mist radiates! The Switch Application bar appears in black with the box cursor to contrast against the blue.

Push the menu button and it brings you to the squared pattern you see with OS 6 icons. The transition comes from the inside out and goes back into the home screen when you reverse. The menu comes in from the left and goes back to the left. In Browser, messages, and options the background is white with grey font, what you type is in black. The highlight is in blue. The menu is black with white font. Alerts are the same so it’s easy to know what is being alerted.

The theme is fast, transitions are nice, and it’s perfect for work or on the go. I fell in love with the blue and the transitions, it’s soothing and looks very professional. I also like that it doesn’t slow my phone down.

You can grab a copy of Zuki Immersion Theme by Zuki Software Ltd for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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  • kata

    I like this one. Simple and blue. I’d like a black version too.

  • John Wickee

    It’s simple enough but with details to still look professional, but has some nice touches to keep it from looking too boring and stock.