Hello! Messenger In Public Beta, Official Release Soon

September 21, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

Yesterday in Twitter, Hello! Messenger announced that the latest version is in public BETA. Hello! Messenger is a cross-platform app that was on the iPhone and has been released in BETA for the BlackBerry, and soon to Droids. It allows you to make a seven digit pin, or even use your BlackBerry Pin number for the Hello Messenger Pin. Check it out…

Hello! Messenger is easy to use Adding and finding Contacts, ¬†Messages, Find (People Search, Friend Requests, and Invite Friends), and Settings. Very easy and There’s also support which allows you to Report Issues, ¬†FAQ, Follow Hello! On Twitter and Make a Wish. Not only is the clean UI of the app nice, but the idea of free SMS texting using this app to communicate with friends, using it internationally, and hiding your phone number, just really neat features available with the application. We’ll be posting a full review once the application launches officially.

If you’re interested you can grab the BETA from the Hello! Messenger site at the following link:

Hello! Messenger Beta link

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