Coffee And BlackBerry, Introducing The Starbucks Card Mobile App For BlackBerry

September 2, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

Today Starbucks announced their mobile app for BlackBerry, in the US. I know I can be found with a BlackBerry in one hand, my coffee in the other. And now I can have them both in one. This is perfect for those who frequent their Starbucks locations. Check it out…

Which devices:  BlackBerry World 8800, 8820, Bold 9000, 9650, 9700, Curve series 83xx, 85xx, Storm, Storm2, and the Tour.

What features are included?

  • Check the balance of your Starbucks Card
  • Reload your Starbucks Card with any major credit card
  • Pay for Starbucks purchases using the mobile payment feature in more than 1000 Starbucks in U.S. Target Stores and 16 trial stores in Seattle and Northern California.
  • Find the nearby Starbuck stores using the store locator feature
  • Check your Starbucks Rewards status

This of course requires that you purchase a Starbucks Card. Then register it at Starbucks here for the Starbucks Reward program. After you register, you download the app and sign in with the user name and password you chose. That easy. The green status is achieved after five stars or five purchases. I would like to see this apply to Canada too, since I’m sure the US isn’t the only coffee consuming capital of the world. The Rewards Program applies to both Canada and the US however the  app only works in certain US Starbucks locations only.

Then you can download the app one of two ways. First by texting to the number 70845 with the word “Go”.

Or you can download the app from the Starbucks link OTA here

You can read more details about the app and how it works from the Starbucks Newsroom announcement here.

If you download it and try it, let us know what you think. I have to admit, when I saw this was released it brought a smile to my face, and I can’t wait to try it out.

***Just had to let you know that the app works perfectly fine. You open it, click the Menu button, scroll down to Payment Trial. The next window tells you to use your app to pay. Select Participating Stores and make sure that Enable Payments is checked. Click Search By Zip Code and put in the Zip Code, and click Search. Go back to the main screen with your card and you’ll see the green button that says Pay. Click that. Then you’ll see the screen that displays your bar code of the card and it says Scan Now! Let the Starbucks barista scan your phone and it’s done. Click done and you have paid for your Starbucks! That fast and that easy. ***

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  • DavidB

    This app, for what it does, is seriously bloated. Only major lazy programming could give us an app with such limited utility yet takes up over 1.7MB of RAM.

  • Kenji O.

    Very interesting stuff! I don’t frequent Starbucks enough to make this worth it, but if I did I would think about getting this app. It’s really pretty cool.

    I’m more of a Peet’s coffee guy myself. ;)

    Great article!

  • Susan


    I think how much you value your Starbucks is how valuable the app is to you. If it works to scan, then it’s even more reason for me to use it so I can run for coffee breaks at work since it’s only across the parking lot for me. But if you don’t have a need for it, then it’s not really a necessity.

  • Susan

    Thanks Kenji!
    I wish we had a Peet’s here. My brother tells me that Washington is the capital of coffee, and he lives in Bremerton. I would love to have a coffee place on every corner and more choices too.

  • Stace

    I too being from Canada would like to see it work in Canada. Tried adding a Starbucks card only to get message stating the card wasnt bought in the U.S.

  • Susan

    The program works in Canada, but the app itself only applies to the US. I’m sure it’s because Starbucks is launching in its native country first, I just wonder how long before they extend it to Canada.

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