With The Torch Came A Little Rain: Which BlackBerry Gets 6.0?

August 3, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

Today was eye-opening as RIM and AT&T unveiled the Torch with 6.0. RIM will be releasing 6.0 but is subject to each carrier’s certification and only three previously released devices will be receiving it. Inside BlackBerry, the official BlackBerry Blog, listed the devices that will be upgrading to 6.0. So which devices are they?

  • BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700

While I’m excited that my device has made the cut, there’s other devices previously mentioned or hoped for OS 6.0 that won’t be upgrading such as the Storm2, the Tour, amongst others. With memory and size being an issue to how much you can install, I can see why those other devices didn’t make it. What are your thoughts?

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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  • kata

    Eh. My phone made it but I don’t think I’ll waste my time. I hate having to reinstall apps and everything. That and I’m already running out of space on my phone. I’m sure 6.0 won’t help at all. While the torch looks decent, I think I’ll lay off and see what the holidays have in store. I’m still not sold on 6.0. I still need a big move by bberry to hold me with them and RIM. Other phones are becoming too appealing. But I said it before, ill give them a chance to redeem themselves. Maybe the torch is the beginning. I’m looking forward to seeing what 6.0 actually brings to the table, and also holding my breath anxciously waiting for the black tablet.

  • Susan


    I’m excited. I’ll do upgrade mine. I know one thing, I can’t wait for the BlackPad. I have to have it.

  • kata

    Me too. I am more excited about that than 6.0. The torch does look real nice though, and its everything I wanted in a touch screen phone (a qwerty keyboard. Lol)

  • Kenji Onozawa

    Interesting stuff. I guess I was expecting the BB 8900 & 9000 to make the cut. Thanks for the info!

  • Susan

    I was too Kenji. I expected the 9550 too, so I was a little shocked, but not really surprised as I’m thinking it’s all about the memory. The 9650 came loaded with crazy memory room, and I think it was in preparation for 6.0