The Ban On BlackBerry Saga Continues

August 3, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

The New York Times reported on the latest news from Dubai. The ban on BlackBerry smartphones that the United Arab Emirates are imposing beginning October 11th will now extend to foreign visitors as well. So far it looks to be applicable to the city-state of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This will mean that beginning October 11th, visitors will have to do without the BlackBerry services of BBM, email, and the web just like the 500,000 local subscribers. The handsets however can still be used for phone calls.

According to the article, approximately 100,000 travelers make their travels through Dubai’s airport daily. These new restrictions could leave family and business consumers without access to web or email while stopping or changing flights.

I’ll be curious to see how far this will extend or what impact it will have on the business community regarding the limitation of a device that is known for it’s security and communication.

[via: The New York Times]

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