OS6Like By HedoneDesign Brings OS 6 Beauty While You Wait

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HedoneDesign has released OS6Like. During my review the theme has updated, so my review is going to reflect the v2.01.01. I’m one of BlackBerry addicts waiting for OS 6 anxiously, so this theme is a great promise and reminder while I’m waiting. The colors, the design, the icons, and the fluid movement of the theme make it difficult to forget you don’t have it yet.

I’m very excited for OS 6 as many of us are. I can’t wait till it’s available for my device. But thankfully HedoneDesign has come up with OS6Like to take the edge off my craving. I know when you see it, you’ll know what I mean. This is so far an exact replica of the OS 6 you’ve seen, perfection at its best.

First off, the theme is available for 4x and 5x OS.

The description and features are as follows:

2.01.01 version update: (8350, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9600, 9700)

  • Animation works and shows icon groups as on BB6
  • Profiles icon on HomeScreen now shows Profile status
  • Application Name is now shown on HomeScreen
  • Middle button on HomeScreen now opens Messages not Calendar

1.01.02 version UPDATE: (all devices)
Appscreen wallpaper is now neutral, without HomeScreen picture.

This is BlackBerry6 replica theme for 4.x and 5.x BlackBerry OS. You will find 16 homescreen icons (12 user customizable) on Bold, Tour and Curve series and 20 (16 user customizable) on Storm series. To get more information on look and feel of this theme you may wanna heck videos at the bottom of this page.

The theme comes in two flavors

  • Zen
  • Today Preview

The OS6Like Premium Theme is available for $6.99.

I installed the OS6Like on my BlackBerry Bold 9650. I like the Zen theme just because I love the open space on my home screen. The screen installed easily, did my battery pull and there it was. Again, just to point out, this is the latest version of the theme.

I’m going to start from the homescreen and go through the theme. If you’re anxious for OS 6, you’ll love the way this looks and runs on your phone. In looking at the home screen you’ll see the top bar in grey with the battery indicator on the left, the date, alarm, and time in the center, and the signal indicator and strength to your right. If you press on it, the Manage Connections option comes up.

The next bar has the Profiles on your left, Messages in the center where your indicators show up as well, and Search to your right.  The background has a bright blue pic of water with a drop that has just fallen into it. The bar below that has Custom and Favorites. If you click on Custom it has the first six icons you choose and if you move below you have access to those six. Next is Favorites which are the next six. Using the bar above the icons allows you to navigate through them.

If you click the Menu button, you will have a dark grey top bar displaying time, date and signal. Below that is a grey neutral background. The icons are all OS 6 icons. The theme runs fast. In text such as Options you see the font in black, white background, and the options in black with white font. Blue highlight.

In messages, text, etc you will see the main title in black and message in grey. The switch apps bar is displayed in black with blue highlight.The call screen is grey with lettering.

For those waiting for OS 6, it’s a promise of the OS to come. It’s simple and not heavy, which is a five star. It shows the names of your icons and selections. Icons are easily figured out, the theme is easy to navigate, another five star. The colors are appeasing and the theme doesn’t wear on my battery or memory, which is huge for me. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourself. I know if you like themes that run freely, and themes you can navigate easily, this is a theme you’ll love.

It’s a beautiful homescreen, nice icons, and fluid movement. I really love the idea of twelve customizable icons and not having to have messages in them since it’s already included. Let us know what you think about this theme.

If you like what you see, you can grab either the Zen or Today Preview flavor of OS6Like by HedoneDesign for $6.99 here

[Rating: 5/5]

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  • http://www.hedonedesign.com aisha


    there is a new update available:

    2.02.14 version update – 08/30 2010: (all devices)
    – Menu fonts changed to BBAlphaSans
    – Dialog fonts changed to BBAlphaSans
    – Button fonts changed to BBAlphaSans
    – Date fonts in Message list changed to BBAlphaSans
    – Focus changed to white
    – CallTimer repaired
    – Call screens changed

    Thank you all for support!


  • Susan


    Thanks so much! I downloaded it this afternoon, very nice. This OS 6 theme is outstanding, it’s smooth and looks so close to the real thing. I almost forget that I still have 5.0.

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