Hot! Music WithMe Giveaway! Keep Your BlackBerry And iTunes Too!

August 25, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

We’re excited, since the end of June Music WithMe has processed over 2,000,000 iTunes tracks! That’s quite a few Music WithMe users using their iTunes on their phones.  We’re going to celebrate with ParkVu and thanks to ParkVu we have some copies to give away, are you ready? Keep reading….

Here’s the deal. We have five copies of Music WithMe to give away to our readers. Each copy has a $14.99 value. Music WithMe is available in the BlackBerry App World.

Here’s the Rules of the Giveaway:

You can only enter with a BlackBerry device running OS 4.5 or higher. In the event you enter and don’t have a compatible OS.

You must have a current iTunes account.

The comment for this contest will include the following: We want to know what you use your music on your BlackBerry for, such as your workout inspiration, your commute to work and home, your time to relax, etc. And you must include your playlist in one of two ways. You can tell us how many songs you have in your library, the music genre that dominates your library, or how many songs are in your favorite playlist. Don’t be shy. We want to hear how music on your phone is important to you and how it inspires you.

The contest will run until Sunday night, the top five best comments that meet the requirements will win.

With that being said, good luck, rock on, and let the comments begin!

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  • Gavin

    This would make life easier.

    I replaced my ipod with my Blackberry. Listen to the music at the gym. In the car or whenever I just need to listen to music.

    The number of songs on my BB change. I mainly listen to podcasts in itunes so that whenever I sync my blackberry I have a new fresh set of music. No need to hunt down specific tranks.

    The main music I listen to is Reggae but also have Hip Hop and RnB in the mix.

    I don’t really utilize the favorite playlist. Since it is mainly mixes and podcasts I listen too.

    Without my Blackberry I would still need to carry around my ipod for music. And I hate carrying two devices.

  • Larry

    I used to have an Ipod, but why carry that and my blackberry? I have retired my Ipod and now only carry my BB Bold.

    I listed to music while I work out, walk my dog, and while at work. I also like to listen to music while sitting in the dr’s waiting room … no reception for pandora or Iheart radio.

    Now my blackberry has become my sole device for communication and my music playlist. I love having my blackberry as my single source of entertainment.

  • Jim

    I use my music when I want a little pick me up or inspiration when I go on my daily lunch walk. I don’t use a playlist. I use the Albums list and just choose one to listen to. I have a paltry 312 songs, but majority of them are mixes, but I have an equal amount of Alternative Rock, Electro and Top 40 music.

    As I mentioned earlier, the music helps set the mood for me when I’m about to go on my walks or just to relax.

    I actually recently downloaded the Adidas micoach app and REALLY look forward to creating playlists so I can use my Blackberry with the micoach and WithMe apps. I can then stop carrying my iPod around!

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