Hot Giveaway! For Those Who Love To Dream, Zuki Dream Premium Theme

August 18, 2010 | By | 15 Comments

Zuki Dream is an original dreamy theme that is unique and playful. Our friends from Zuki Software Ltd were gracious enough to donate 20 copies of Zuki Dream for our readers. So we’re holding a contest especially for you. We know you’ll love this theme as much as we do. The catch?

First off, the theme is only compatible with 5.0.

Compatible devices are ONLY: 8900 (Curve), 8910 (Curve), 8930 (Curve), 9630 (Tour), 9650 (Bold), 9700 (Bold)

You can find details of the Zuki Dream Premium Theme, which sells for $4.99 in the BlackBerry Sync Store here

So here’s the catch. Since the theme is dreaming, tell us what sort of apps for BlackBerry you dream of finding that aren’t available or something you can’t find. Leave your comment with that and the first 20 in depth wishes will be granted a Dream theme. The contest will run till Sunday. We asked so tell us what you’re dreaming of.

Let the comments begin!

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  • rivalejo

    Seems like a cool theme, and i need a theme change!

  • Josh D.

    I have dreamed about a app that would automagically hide unused icons. Not sure if its a sweet dream or a bad nightmare though?

  • Carl

    Although this may sound crazy to some, I’ve dreamt of a voicemail application! I’ve always wanted my blackberry to just be able to download one that would accept the call and answer it for you. This way, you do use your daytime minutes, but you don’t pay for voicemail services. Also, you could archive them much better, and you could choose whether or not to hear it AS they’re being left on your phone.

    Crazy dream? I think it should be a reality! Too bad I have no idea how to write BB apps.

  • melanie

    I dream of having an app that can automatically remember passwords after it has been typed in once. Just like there is in MS Windows.

  • melanie

    I dream of having an app that can automatically remember passwords after it has been typed in once, like there is in Windows.

  • John Wickee

    Two dreams that I can think of off the bat.

    1. Goes along with melanie, I love using my included Password Vault, and it has saved me needing to reset less used accounts several times with providing me a password, but I wish I could easily access it within the browser and if I sign in when I start the browser, have it auto-fill in name and password when I provided the entry with the page address. I’ve seen the ability to copy and from it, but having it auto-fill would be a nice upgrade.

    2. This is a theme wish, but I like when themes do a nice version of displaying previews. If I’m in the mood for a theme that does so (though my mood changes and I have a bunch of themes), I like that when I highlight the calendar, it shows me the next, let’s say 10 events. And when I highlight SMS / MMS, it displays my last 10 threads. When I highlight Messages, though, it only ever displays unread messages and if I haven’t gone into the message. I would love for it to, like the other 2, display the last 10 or however many messages in the Messages box. The theme needs to do it in a manner that is useful and works well to begin with (see my current choice for theme Classic Zen Today Slider by BerryGoodThemes), but when it does, I’d love for it to do it the same way for Messages as it does for calendar and sms/mms.

  • MrFun

    Hope to win

  • jeff

    i dream of a true voip program for the bb, preferably one from rim.

    i also dream of a password keeper so you don’t have to type your passwords in all the time.

  • kata

    I dream of an app that can change my tv channel. Its upsetting that it exists for android based devices for FIOS cable users, but not for bb users who have FIOS.

  • schy

    I hope to win

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  • Adam

    Angry Birds for BlackBerry! :)

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