First images of BlackBerry 6 Running on Bold 9650

August 6, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

The other day when RIM officially announced the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6, they let everyone know that their new operating system would be coming to a couple other devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9650. Well the guys at BBLeaks have just posted up a couple pictures of an actual Bold 9650 running OS Now with any luck we just need it to be leaked! We’re also hoping to see some images of a Bold 9700 running BlackBerry 6… Anyone?

Check out some more images by reading more…

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  • Josh D

    Can’t wait, so excited. Verizon please come thru for us quickly. K Thanks

  • Susan

    Isn’t it nice? I sure hope VZW gets it too, but at least the OS is being shared with the Bold.

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