Taking A Closer Look at BlackBerry 6’s Home Screens

July 27, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

BlackBerry 6 Homescreen

RIM is getting ready to release BlackBerry 6 – their next generation operating system – within the next few months. Today RIM gave us another inside look at BlackBerry 6’s newly redesigned home screens via their official blog. As you can see the new BlackBerry OS provides a familar design, with some small useful tweaks. The new home screen will have “quick access panels” along with five navigational views: Favorites, Media, Downloads, and All. With those five views you will be able to have easy access and convenience with all your BlackBerry Apps. Continue reading this story to check out some more home screen shots…


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  • kata

    I was perusing a different bberry site earlier and seen this comment “the more I see os6 the more it looks like os5″. I have to say…. There’s truth there.

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