RIM now owns BlackPad.com + BlackBerry Torch related domains…

July 29, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

RIM is know to scoop up domain names to protect their brand. Luckily RIM has been very good to most of the BlackBerry community when it comes to domain names. However it seems that RIM has just taken over two domains which could provide insight to some of their future projects. The first one is BlackPad.com, which if you remember BlackPad was the code name for the rumored BlackBerry Tablet. While we don’t think this would be RIM’s first choice for a product name, they still want to own the domain name. Recently RIM also acquired BlackBerryTorch.com and BlackBerry9800.com, which would lead you to think that RIM’s slider device will be at least modeled the 9800, and possibly even called BlackBerry Torch. RIM has even acquired BlackBerry9780.com, which would of course be for the new upgraded Bold 9700 model.

So what do you think of RIM nabbing up all these domains? Is it a sign of products to come? or is RIM just holding down their property?

[via CrackBerry / MobileCrunch]

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