HOT! ASAP Giveaway, Check It Out ASAP

July 2, 2010 | By | 17 Comments

I really like this app so much and Michael from the Jared Company was gracious enough to give us fifty copies of ASAP ($4.99 value)┬áto giveaway to our readers so we can share the love. For those of you who have heard of it, or want to try it, now’s your chance. What are the rules and how do you enter?

First of all, you have to have a BlackBerry Device running OS 4.5 or higher. Next, leave us a comment on the following:

Tell us a time that you had to ignore a call and how the caller was upset. It can be your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, etc. Let us know how ASAP could make that difference for you.

The contest is going to run until Sunday evening when I’ll close it, contact the winners and announce them. Good luck and let the comments commence!

*** The Contest has officially come to a close, winners will be notified and announced shortly***

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  • BG01

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a phone call while at the movies. Of course I leave my phone on silent so I don’t disturb the other movie goers. I always get stuck with messages from ppl thinking I’m avoiding them. ASAP would help me let them know where I am and why I can’t answer them right away. Great contest, hope I win! Thanks!

  • Freddy Martinez

    Awesome! I hope I win.

  • Ziad

    Well this is a great application. I’ll use it mostly when im at gym working out and when my girlfriend keep nagging and calling while im at sauna or jacuzzi!! even when while watching movies…gluck to all :) and thanks BBS!

  • Gordon Margolese

    I was at a friends house and had my Blackberry turned off. I had recently installed Youmail and set up smart greetings. So my girlfriend calls and gets this female voice saying I’m not available. Needless to say it didn’t go over too well and took quite awhile to convince her it was just a voicemail greeting. I could have really used ASAP then, and still could now.

  • Rotem

    A few weeks ago I was waiting for a call from my wife coming out from the Doctor’s with my little girl after one of those nights… Unfortunately my Boss just walked into my office 10 minutes before to tell me all about the new restructuring planned (I’m safe) and went on about it for about an hour. When I finally called back my wife was furious.

  • Sam K

    One time I had plans to meet this girl for dinner and I was supposed to call her when I left work to finalize the time. As I was about to leave work one of my managers pulled me into a conference call with one of our overseas offices. He kept me on that conference call for over an hour and during the call the girl tried to call me so I had to ignore it. After the meeting I tried calling her back but she was so angry that she wouldn’t answer. If I had ASAP then I could have at least sent her a message to let her know that I was busy.

  • Jason A

    I’m always getting phone calls when I’m in work meetings. It would be nice to be able to dismiss the call and not have my friends think I’m being a jerk, lol.

  • DavidB

    Every time I can’t answer my wife calling is a crisis. The worst was last summer, it was near 100, and the A/C had froze up and

  • DavidB

    Every time I can’t answer my wife calling is a crisis. The worst was last summer, it was near 100, and the A/C had froze up and she didn’t know what to do.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  • Nathan

    I have a customer who constantly calls me when I’m in a meeting. This would be a great help. Thanks for the great contest.

  • http://www.twitter/o_Natalie_o Natalie Angus

    my new bf was not sure of my new hours of work and kept calling at different times. Oh my boss was not impressed, I would be on the sales floor and you could hear my ring tone (punjabi mc) through the whole store. All my friends know to sms during the day not ring. he was a sweet new guy but didn’t last long. now I’d like it so I can go on dates and not be disturbed.

  • stephanie

    It’s when the kids call me at the office and I’m in a meeting. That’s bad. Great feelings of guilt over that. And they wonder where I am.Need to let them know i’ll call back soon.

  • Scott

    Mine is always when my ex-wife is calling me to usually tell me bad news!

  • Eddie

    I would love a copy. I am in politics and I always get calls when I am in important meetings. This program would be helpful in allowing meet to let my candidates know that I will get back to them as sson as I am out of a meeting.

  • Melanie

    My little brother continously calls me while I’m in summer classes at the university. I have told him time and time again that I’m in school for the summer. He gets upset because he wants me to relay messages to my husband or children for him.

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