Got Mail? How To Set Up Your Email On Your BlackBerry

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We know we take for granted what we’ve learned so well. But there are times that you get your first BlackBerry, whether it’s your first personal one or you’re changing carriers. One of the first things you’ll want to do is add your email. I’m going to give you two ways to do this.

After turning on your BlackBerry, the first things you’ll want to do is activate it. Follow the directions given by your carrier. The next thing you’ll do is you’ll go into the Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table, click the BlackBerry or Menu button and click Register Now. It’s that easy. Now to set up the email.

The first way is on the device. Click on the icon named Email Settings. It will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions, so you click I Agree. Next it will have a selection of emails. On the bottom of the list you should see the BlackBerry email option. Always add this one. It’s free and from your provider. In the set up, you choose your email user name, your password twice, your secret question and secret answer, and let you know if it’s available.  The reason why I stress a BlackBerry Email address is because it’s native to the phone and some apps and stores will prefer the native account over the others. After you set this up, you’ll have the chance to add all your other personal email accounts you want to add. Remember, you can have 10 others besides the BlackBerry email. Also, if at any time there’s an outtage and your BlackBerry doesn’t recover email wise, this is the fix: Go to your Email Settings, Log in if necessary, and click the Menu button, go to Service Books and click. The next page will say Send Service Books and tells you what it’s for, click Send Service Books. All your emails from that point on will be restored once the service books are sent.

The other way is going on line to a computer. You can find your carrier’s BIS email site, to find it is easy. You can ask your carrier for the site or it’s as easy as you typing your carrier and BlackBerry email in Google and search. Such as AT&T BlackBerry Email. You simply find which one is the BIS service, and click.  You’ll see the page on the top, and you click the Create New Account button. The next page you’ll see is this.

This is where you agree to the terms and conditions. Check the box and click I Agree. The next page will be this.

The pin and the EMEI need to be entered so the email can be set for the device. This step is skipped on the BlackBerry device because it has that information. It even tells you where to find the pin and EMEI. The next page to load will be the most popular emails to choose from and at the bottom will be “Create BlackBerry Email”. I recommend setting up your BlackBerry email which will ask you what you want for your user name, your password twice, the secret question and secret answer and will let you know if it’s available. Then you can add your other emails. You can also send your service books from the online site as well.

Here’s another tip. For those of us on BIS and purchased a newer device with 5.0 on the phone, if you add a Gmail or Yahoo account you’ll see the contacts with a check box. If you check it, email setup will sync your contacts. It will show an icon while in the process that shows like a BES activation in process. No, you haven’t chosen the BES option, it’s that the BIS is now syncing your contacts and the icon will disappear when finished. If you don’t want your contacts synced, simply uncheck the box. This is especially a great feature for those of us who use Gmail or for those of us who are changing devices from an Android device to a BlackBerry device as your contacts will come across to the BlackBerry.

I prefer setting it up from the phone, but others prefer the online way, and it’s clearly what you prefer. Your emails can be moved to other devices unless you switch carriers. If you switch carriers, you’ll have to start all over. Also, if you have the new BBM tied to your emails as backup, you have the advantage of keeping your contacts once you sign in after setting up your emails or moving them.

I’d like to know what way we prefer setting up our email? Did you set it up on the device or pc? For newbies, it’s not difficult at all.

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