BlackBerry Protect, RIM To Serve And Protect BIS

July 13, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

Some of the great benefits of BES are the protective properties it carries with it. Those with BIS have had limited protection, but that’s about to change. On Monday, RIM introduced BlackBerry Protect, which is a free service that provides tools to remotely locate, back up, restore, and wipe the data from your BlackBerry.

According to crave, the Gadget Blog from cnet, there’s some benefits to the app. Keep in mind this is the very security suite that others have referred to as the “BlackBerry Shield. The base or soul of BlackBerry Protect is the service it is based on, BlackBerry ID, which was announced in the end of June. It is comprised of an app that downloads to your BlackBerry, desktop and web applications that can control and deliver the commands.

The following commands are included:

  • Loud Ring: To enable you to locate your BlackBerry, even when it’s silent.
  • Locator: Locate your BlackBerry with this GPS Assisted feature, utilizing the BlackBerry’s GPS if it’s enabled.
  • Remote Lock: Set that password for your BlackBerry at any time remotely.
  • Lost And Found: Send a message to display on your phone, which hopefully the person who finds or took it will help your BlackBerry find it’s way home.
  • Back up data: The ability to set up your BlackBerry to back up your contacts, calendar, browser, bookmarks, memos, and tasks to the BlackBerry servers. Even on WiFi or 3G.
  • Remote Wipe: Wipe your BlackBerry remotely including the microSD card.
  • Restore: Restore your backed up data to your new BlackBerry. This is an added benefit when switching phones as in getting a new device, just not when it’s stolen.
  • Web Interface: Have the ability to remotely protect your phone.
  • Support: It will support up to five devices on one account, a relief for families or small businesses.

It is available as a limited beta for now, but Open beta and availability for the general public will be here later in the year.

Any thoughts to share? I know some of us know how to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and we all should be using the backup option and storing a backup. This is a great companion to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Many of the features are available in SmrtGuard and SMobile Systems Shield, but this is directly from RIM. I like the idea, but know we should all be utilizing BDM to begin with. I love the back up options as well as restore. Why is this a feature we won’t want to resist? It’s free.

[via: cnet News]

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