BlackBerry Beta Zone Releases The BlackBerry Feedback Tool Through The Zone

June 1, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

Another great reason to sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone has arrived, the ability to send your feedback to BlackBerry with your thoughts and feedback. This is an open beta through the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you have a BlackBerry and you haven’t signed up for this free program, I have to wonder why not? Let’s look closer at the BlackBerry Feedback Tool…

According to the BlackBerry Beta Zone, the Feedback Tool is described as:

The BlackBerry Feedback Tool is available for you via the Downloads section. Once you have installed the BlackBerry Feedback Tool, use it to tell us what you think of your BlackBerry smartphone and its applications. Tell us what you like/dislike about your BlackBerry. Are there aspects of your BlackBerry that seem unintuitive or inconvenient? Are we meeting, exceeding or falling short of your expectations?

We encourage you to sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone and help BlackBerry become the best it can by being involved. Register and participate and show your pride in your  BlackBerry community.

Here’s a few of the tips for Feedback Device:

  • You MUST be running BlackBerry smartphone version 5.0 in order to install BlackBerry Feedback Tool.
  • An email containing the keycode will be sent to you within 48 hours of signing up for the BlackBerry Feedback Tool Beta Program.

This is a great program to put your thoughts and wishes down. What are you waiting for?

Register at the BlackBerry Beta Zone here and be part of the program

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