YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus Updates To v2.0.0.4, Free Visual Voicemail Enhanced

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YouMail updated it’s BlackBerry application to v2.0.0.4 and it’s a great update. YouMail is visual voicemail that is free and gives you an easier way to view, organize, and listen to your voicemails. YouMail has been listed as the #1 productivity app in the BlackBerry App World. What’s new? I’ve got the newest features and some screenshots.

What’s new? According to the press release it’s the following new features:

Streamlined User Interface

  • The main screen now shows the number of new messages and each caller’s photo or avatar, which can be imported automatically from Facebook.
  • The message play screen supports fast-forward and rewind, allowing users to get through their messages even more efficiently.

Enhanced Organization Tools

  • Users can access any folder directly from the App, not just the Inbox, including standard Saved, Spam and Trash folders, as well as user-created folders.
  • Users can turn their voicemail box into a “To Do” list by easily flagging messages for follow-up directly in the App.

Improved Transcription Experience

  • The play screen now shows more of the transcribed message text, lessening the need to scroll.
  • Users can copy and paste directly from the transcription, allowing them to easily insert message text into searches or responses.

Faster Voicemail Follow Up

  • The YouMail App is now integrated with the phone’s default SMS client, enabling users to easily reply to voice messages using TXT messages.
  • Simpler menus allow users to easily forward and reply to voicemail while including the original voicemail as a MP3 or WAV file.

YouMail originally has the following features:

  • YouMail unlocks your mobile voicemail
  • Scroll through and play your voice messages in any order.
  • Forward them, save them forever, even organize them in folders.
  • Block unwanted voicemails.
  • Access your voicemail through e-mail or any computer.
  • Even set up personal greetings that are heard only by specific family, friends, or co-workers.

I’ve used YouMail and I really like the customization it has. You can choose different types of answering messages, have fun with them, and keep your voicemail on your phone. It’s so easy to use and it’s free. It works with several carriers as well. You can download the app from BlackBerry App World or from YouMail itself. And if you’d like transcription, it is available for a small subscription fee.

Here’s what I love about the YouMail after the update (some was available prior to). There are pictures associated with the voicemails. You can see who it’s from, the phone number, time and date. You can click you options button and access Check Messages, Forward, Reply, Delete, and Move To. You can Mark New, Flag, and Copy URL. You can select a folder. Also, you have About, Help, Settings, and the YouMail Store.

In Settings you can pick General, Account, Alerts, Audio, Connection, Greetings, Contacts, Storage, Setup, Activate/Deactivate. You can set the types of voicemail for what or when. You set up how you want to be alerted. You set up the Greetings, upload your contacts. So if you want voicemail your way, this is what you’re looking for.

Download your free copy of YouMail from BlackBerry App World here

Download your free copy of YouMail from YouMail itself here

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  • Dan

    Alas it is not available on my carrier – Fido in Canada – so says App World when I used the link above on my 9700

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