WordPress For BlackBerry Updates to v1.2 With Enhancements And Speed

May 25, 2010 | By | 4 Comments

Whoever said a picture was worth a thousand words obviously didn’t have WordPress. WordPress for BlackBerry updated today, and it has really come a long ways from where it once was. Signing in is significantly easier, it is easier to access more things. And I’ll post what the changelog is  for you, and if you use WordPress, it’s definitely worth the update. And being a free application that’s extremely useful, what are you waiting for? Check it out…

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but WordPress sure makes putting them all your words together so much easier.

The change log is as follows from the WordPress for BlackBerry Blog:

  • Ability to show comprehensive site stats for WordPress.com sites and for self-hosted sites running the WP.com stats plugin
  • Ability to add audio recordings to a post/page
  • Ability to post media files that are not tied to post/page
  • Ability to add a signature on posts created from the mobile app
  • “1- click” share to WordPress within the native BlackBerry Browser and File Explorer
  • Improvements on GPS support
  • Redesigned GUI with touch support

The following languages are also supported along with the thanks for the contributors:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Finnish [Thanks Apuasi]
  • French [Thanks Yann Nave]
  • Indonesian [Thanks Kate of Pixel Insert]
  • German [Thanks Frank Wessel]
  • Portuguese (Portugal) [Thanks José Fontainhas]
  • Japanese [Thanks Nao]
  • Spanish [Thanks danivloven]

It’s really a change in how the app responds as well, faster response time, easier log ins, it’s just really a very nice welcomed update. If you have WordPress for BlackBerry, update it now. If not, you can download it at the following link. Whether you have a WordPress or not, as it gives you the opportunity to sign up for a free one.

Download your WordPress for BlackBerry v1.2 for free here

[via: WordPress for BlackBerry]

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  • Piper975

    so which version is it 2.1 or 1.2 ???

  • Susan

    Thanks for the correction, I stand corrected! It’s 1.2

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