Winners of the Zuki Notepad Premium Theme Contest Announced

May 19, 2010 | By | 7 Comments

I love this theme, simple and yet one we can relate with. It’s the true office theme with red paper clips included. And it’s not taxing on the BlackBerry at all. We had twenty copies to give away of this great theme. And the lucky winners are…

We’d like to thank everyone who participated and commented, you’re going to love this theme.
  • Kyle
  • Darryl Mac
  • roz
  • John
  • Steph
  • Jim
  • cooltaurean
  • Hans
  • Darith
  • Troy Miller
  • Grant
  • melly
  • kata
  • jason vorheez
  • Matthew
  • dhgifford
  • JeroenvdH

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Let me know what you think of your new theme.

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  • kata

    Its a decent theme. Upon first glance I thought it to be flawless. It has one pretty huge downfall though. Due to the white paper background, there’s some original icons that don’t have theme oriented icons (oddly enough on every theme I put on my phone, my gmail account never accepts the mail theme icon. My other 2 emails do, but my gmail always stays that white mail icon)that show up their normal white and are virtually invisible. Other than that. I love the feel, but for one I’d love to figure out why my gmail does that. Its super annoying (I’ve tried deleting it and putting it back) and for two, I’d like it if it came with more custom theme icons, I guess?

  • Ash

    Hi Kata,

    Thanks for your feedback on the theme. A quick note on your icons issue. The reason the GMail one doesn’t accept the mail icon is due to BlackBerry having a built-in GMail enhancement which means it is like its own GMail app and therefore is classed as 3rd party even though it is just another email inbox.

    The rest of the icons that may not show up and all 3rd party apps. We have made as many custom icons as is possible for BlackBerry and unfortunately cannot create any others for the theme as the software will not allow us.

    Again, many thanks for the feedback.

    Zuki Mobile

  • kata

    Ah I see. Well that sucks. Anyway, like I said; overall its a decent theme minus that one issue. Thanks for the chance to use it Ash, Zuki, Susan, Bbsync.

  • Matthew

    I was chosen a winner, but when I checked my email. It was an email saying I was chosen a winner of a giveaway where they needed my Phone Model, Provider Info, and IMEI number to get an UNlOCK Code?

  • Jim

    This is a fun little theme. I’ve been using it for a few days now and loving it. The theme does have a flaw other than the Gmail icon. I have QuickLaunch installed and when I try to access my Media folder, the theme just brings me to the app page. It doesn’t go directly in to the Media folder. Any ideas why this is happening?

  • S.Mohsin

    how can i get this theme??

  • Susan

    In the BlackBerry Sync Store.