Twitter For BlackBerry v1.0.0.40, A Closer View

May 20, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

Inside BlackBerry, The Official BlackBerry Blog, announced the release of the updated version of Twitter for BlackBerry. Currently it is available in the BlackBerry App World in the test center as well. I had to download it and show some pictures as well as share some in depth explanation of the features and share some short cuts. Check it out…

I have to admit, I’m already loving the speed of the Twitter for BlackBerry app, I haven’t experienced the slight freezing, and the new features are really nice!

The quote tweet option is nice as you can actually place “quotes” in too now. The username auto-complete has been asked for by many tweeters. I also like the fact you can set it to warn you about personal information about to be posted. ¬†YFrog and TweetPhoto are also supported now.

I do like the ability to use your BlackBerry smartphone’s system fonts or the fonts you can choose from within Twitter for BlackBerry. It makes it more customizable. You also now have the ability to see a geotagged tweet with BlackBerry Maps. I did notice that when you tweeting, if you use more than the characters allowed for a tweet, you can’t click on the send button.

But for the new features, it’s worth checking out. If you tried it and didn’t like it before, you really should give it another shot. If you have Twitter for BlackBerry, you should be able to check for updates through the app itself. I love Twitter and I love my BlackBerry, and I love what BlackBerry does. This app has come a long ways from the first beta they launched and I have to say it’s just really a have to have app if you Twitter. Integration, sharing fave tweets with friends and family outside of Twitter, it’s just really nice. Great job BlackBerry!

For a closer definition of the new features, head on over to the Inside BlackBerry here

Here are a few shortcuts from the Official BlackBerry Blog that you can use for your benefit with Twitter for BlackBerry:

  • R (reply)
  • L (reply all)
  • Space (page down)
  • F (retweet)
  • C (compose)
  • D (refresh)
  • Alt+0 (home)
  • Alt+1 (mentions)
  • Alt+2 (lists)
  • Alt+3 (profile)
  • Alt+4 (inbox)
  • Alt+5 (find people)
  • Alt+6 (search)
  • Alt+7 (popular topics)

If you tried it or have it, let us know what you think of the newly updated version.

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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  • Eddie

    The two best new features are the ability to edit retweets and the ability to email tweets.

    There are too many times I see a web based article that I would like to read, but don’t have the time and would like to email to myself and read at my convenience. Couldn’t do this before, but now you can. This is now the best Twitter app out there.

  • SusanC

    I have to agree. I love the ability to share with it, especially the ones who don’t have Twitter. I really love the integration of it. And the quotes…it makes it really neat.

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