Reply To All Your Calls You Have To Miss With ASAP And A Giveaway Too!

May 11, 2010 | By | 19 Comments

There’s a new app out that I’ve had the opportunity to try and put to the test, and I have to admit, It works quite well. And no one felt ignored. The app is called ASAP and it’s available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $4.99. I also have a giveaway with this too.

Here’s the ASAP description from out of the BlackBerry Sync Store:

You’re enjoying a night out. You’re in the middle of an important business presentation, or you’re with your family when your Blackberry rings Now what?

Used to be you had two choices: take the call or ignore it. With Blackberry ASAP from JaredCo, you now have more options. No more leaving an important client hanging on the line. No more hurt feelings of “being ignored.”

With ASAP, respond to an incoming call you choose to ignore, or miss, using a return SMS, with a single click or automatically.

Customize your texts and send them. No thumbing during that big meeting.

Create special text messages: “I’m at the concert .” “I’m in a meeting.” “I’ll get back to you ASAP!” No more “I am busy.”

With ASAP the pressure is off. With a simple click let callers know they got through. Let them know why you’re tied up. Let them know you’ll get back to them ASAP.

No need to stop what you’re doing. You’ll get back ASAP.

Like all JaredCo applications, ASAP is a breeze to configure, a snap to personalize and a pleasure to deploy.

And ASAP comes with JaredCo’s 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t think it’s the best responder app out there, ASAP doesn’t cost you a penny

Here’s the features of the phone:

  • Manual operation allows you to choose 1 of 4 customized auto responses that will be sent by SMS to any call you choose to ignore from any caller in your contacts that calls from their mobile number.
  • Automatic operation allows you select 1 customized auto response that will be sent by SMS to any missed call from any caller in your contacts that calls from their mobile number.
  • All Upgrades will be free.
  • 100% money back Guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The app is small and downloads and installs quickly. I tested it on my BlackBerry Tour 9630 running 5.0. When you click on the icon screen you see the ASAP Setup Screen. This has the first Option text 1 already set up which says: “I am busy now, I will call you back later”. There are three other option texts available for you to personalize. So you can make them professional and personal. You also have the Auto Send option, and if you choose it, you type in the cell phone number for the auto send to send to. It also has How many seconds should Popup stay open? And if you click on the options button, you can find the Help with instructions and the About for the version and information about the app.

My phone rang, and I’d hit ignore, and the popup would come up allowing me to choose which text to reply with. It texts them back quickly. I had friends impressed that they were answered so quickly, no one felt ignored. This application is fantastic for keeping everyone in the loop. No one gets upset thinking you’re ignoring them while you’re busy, you don’t have to go to your messages and make a text to reply, just let ASAP do it that quickly for you.

Now here’s the giveway. I have fifty copies thanks to Michael from the Jared Company. He’s giving us fifty copies and here’s what I want. I want you to leave us a comment and tell us what your most favorite app is outside of all the native BlackBerry apps. So your fave app that you have ever downloaded, whether it be free or paid. First fifty win a copy of ASAP.

And don’t worry, if you don’t get your comment in, you can still grab a copy of ASAP from the BlackBerry Sync Store.

Grab your copy of ASAP for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

Compatible with the following devices: 81xx Pearl series, 82xx Pearl Flip series, 83xx Curve series, 8520 (Curve), 87xx Curve series, 88xx World series, 89xx Curve series, 9000 (Bold), 9630/9650 (Tour), 95xx Storm series
Compatible with the following OS: 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

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  • ron

    Opera Mini! Cant live without it!

  • Josh D

    Viigo hands down. Everything I want to know in one place and it’s free. It also keeps me up to date with my favorite site BBSync. ;)

  • stephanie

    I love to read and my favourite app for my BB is Mobireader. I load tons of books onto my reader and whenever I’m on the bus, subway or sitting in a waiting room I can catch up on my reading.

  • John

    Outside of the native apps, the one that gets the most use for me is probably Lister, mostly because it lets me group my various todo lists together, while still letting me add due dates and reminders.

    Snaptu is also a close 2nd (I know you asked for one, so this is just like bonus content). It has a decent Twitter app (though not my top one), very useful (often more than the RIM one) Facebook app, as well as other news readers, weather, Google calendar and even Sudoku to boot.

  • AJ

    Ubertwitter. It’s simply the best twitter client :)

  • Tashanna

    My most fav app is TeleNav GPS.

    Any support for 9700????

  • kata

    My favorite app… Gotta be scoremobile. Just cause it keeps me updated in the world of sports while I’m at work. Thanks for this, ill get a lot of use out of it. I always have people calling me while I’m at work and can’t answer.

  • DavidB

    I’d be lost without Weatherbug and Poynt.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  • cihamlet

    Berrybuzz for sure.

  • nolan


  • Jerry

    My favorite app is Wallpaper Shifter. Every time I look @ my phone there’s a new picture!

  • T-

    I luv poynt and weatherberry… can’t do without!

  • Chris I

    My favorite app has to Viigo lite. It is a lifesaver to say the least. It’s keep me up to date with the world.

  • frozencloud

    Quicklaunch…..but that’s pretty standard forever bb users!

  • cindyngco

    Podtrapper! That’s like one of the best app I used on blackberry!

  • Eddie

    Thank you again…I would love to win a copy of ASAP.

    My favorite app for Blackberry is BugMe Notes. You can use this app for notes, tasks and forward the notes into tasks or your schedule.

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